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Remember summer, when life was good and I was happy? Yeah...I miss it. #yaycollege
I have no good photos from today but College Hall STILL. SMELLS. THE SAME. #yaycollege
All of my lady grip dreams came true today in my Lighting Design and Art Direction class. Just call me @peytonnbrown 💁🏻🔧🎥 // #yaycollege #secondteam #grip #rollingrolling #missingsetdays
😇😇 I may be smiling but I’m actually crying on the inside thinking about the philosophy essay I’m not understanding #yaycollege
this is my best friend. our friendship started off just as the best ones do, disliking each other. she is crazy in love with Jesus and chases him relentlessly. she will be honest with you no matter how much you don’t want to hear it (but need to). she is filled with joy and laughter. her ambitions in life are endless. she is the most inspirational person i’ve ever met and i’m so glad we got over disliking each other. now i get to have her as my right hand (wo)man.
a whole lotta hair and a whole lotta reading i should be doing rn #yaycollege