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@esteelauder Pure Color Envy 230 Wıcked Sweet ruj💋💋 .
. .
Krem mat yapida olan bir ruj tam bir yaz rengi gün isiginda daha neonsu duruyor..
Her ten rengine uygun👍 esmerlerde daha da harika duruyor 😊
Aslinda ben pembe rujlardan nefret ederim ama bunun rengine ve yapisina bayildigim için satin almistim.. Kaliciligi kişiye gore değişiyor... Üstünden peçete ve pudra ile geçerseniz mukkemel duruyor.. Joker bir ruj her makyaja yakisiyor.. Fiyatini şuan tam hatirlamiyorum çok uzun zaman önce satin almistim.. 💞 | Fiyati:129.90 |
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Okay so for my peeps who love the how and the why... (This is from one of our MP Hairdressers)

This is a hair strand.
We need products that heal from the inside out. What this basically shows is that our products need to get to the inside, the Cortex(the innermost layer) 🚫 If there is silicone & or wax build up sitting on the outside layer, the cuticle layer, our products can't penetrate to the inside. They just sit and build up.
That's what causes dullness, breakage, frizz & hair thinning. Also, it will interfere with adding a color to your hair. Color will fade immediately because it cant get under the cuticle layer. 🌀 MONAT has NO Waxes 🚫 No Paraben's 🚫 and NO Silicone’s 🚫
We are Naturally, Botanically(plant) based. 🤗 I’m a Hairstylist of 15 years & I choose this brand because it repairs years of damage & reverses the signs of aging on your scalp & hair! 🌿 I am here to help YOU. It WILL NOT happen over night, but you will notice increased shine, manageability and better overall health of your hair...stick with it, your best hair is yet to come!!! 🌿 I say YES to MONAT! We have clinical studies, you guys, no one else has that!!!! ✅ 🌿 The only hair care line I use & recommend to ANYONE and EVERYONE in my professional opinion because I have seen it WORK time & time again more than anything else I’ve tried in my life.

Seriously changing lives in more ways than one!! What can I help you get started with??? #beautemark #bblogger #mua #lovehair #lovemakeup #lovenails #lovemykids #lovegod #smile #girlboss #monat #Xxo #beyondhair

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