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Swipe for this week's meal prep👉 Meal 1 is a new Fritatta recipe I've been working on, still a few tweaks to make to it but it's purdy dang good so far! 🍕 Meal 2 is fish tacos with an Asian slaw and a sesame ginger sauce with Jasmine rice 🍕 Meal 3 is a ground turkey crunch wrap! I love those so much I had to make them again this week 🍕 Foods are on point, so here is to another week of success! 🤗 #wholenuthalevel
Week 3 of my cut and I’m feeling good! I dropped 10lb really fast but now it’s flattened off as I expected. Just sticking to #proteinandproduce and grinding through
elpogs 57m ago
Floor presses forever. Closeish grip.
Don't stop believing you in yourself 💫 In the end it's all you have.
Sick kids + life in general = erratic workout schedule. Bench tonight. Top set of 110x3+ for 6 reps. The same weight I failed twice at the fair before nailing it. Proper warmup is key folks.
The aftermath of Buti Glow at Play tonight. Who doesn't want glow paint, black lights, a live dj, and yoga on a Monday?

Everytime I think I have this thing figured out @louisvilleyogamom and @jewelyogi throw something else out and push me harder than I thought I could handle. I can't begin to express how amazing this class is!
Dude it’s freakin hot. Why is it 100 degrees right now?? I ran 2.5 miles today though so there’s that. And the pool is fixed so I’m swimming tomorrow again!!!!!! #hogwartsrunningclub #gryffindorpride #strongerthanyesterday #fasterthanyesterday #longerthanyesterday #xxfitness #fitbit #myfitnesspal #intermittentfasting
What is this high bar nonsense and will my traps stop hurting? 205.for 5 and some back off 8s today.

Today I put in my new bulking macros into mfp. SO EXCITED #72kg here we go!
Hi. I've forgotten how to squat 😳🤫 pain has gone down considerably, slight pinching in the hole but I've been dealing with that for years so everything is fine 🙃 @britt_chown75
We finally got a barbell for our #homegym, so today I’m taking the opportunity to do one of the most awkward exercises (and yes, I have done these in public gyms too) - the barbell hip thrust! Quick legs & glutes workout tonight but I’m feeling the burn 🔥

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