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I'm tired of wishing for the past; when people cared, when I didn't feel so low. I'm tired of this longing for what once was.
Feliz aniversário, Você é especial e vale como uma irmã para mim ❤😍. Eu agradeço por você ser parte da minha família e torço sempre pela sua felicidade! Desejo que a partir de hoje os bons momentos se multipliquem e você seja abençoada com muito sucesso e realizações!
🎉😍 #XIX 🎂😘 #advogata
>>> 4 Years of The Sidemen <<< • —
It’s been a bumpy ride ladies and gents, I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for these boys and what they’ve done for millions of people around the world. It all started as a joke and just a daily plan, and it turned into a world wide entertainment group. Who would have thought they’d make it this far huh? All I can say is that I love these seven boys so much, and I am forever grateful for finding them 3 1/2 years ago. I’m so proud to be apart of this family and I need to stop texting before I cry so I hope everyone that reads this far has an incredible day!🎉💓 ps: I’m making my Sidemen four years edit when I get back from holiday! • —
cr || @voidsdmn
dt || (The Sidemen)
cc || @voidsdmn
programs || svp & ae
ac || @voidsdmn 🎵- life size ghosts: mt. wolf (catching flies remix)
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I’m so proud of everything the boys have achieved, it’s mad to think it’s been 4 years🎉
i gave up on trying to make the quality half decent insta just keeps destroying it
#xixgrp #rrawgrp #hystèrïa #dęltā

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