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4 years ago you were taken from us.. way to soon. I miss you so much and wish you were here to talk to, you've made me a better man and have instilled things in me I'll carry to my grave, you inspired me to always want to do better for myself and always just be who I am wholeheartedly. I am who I am because of you and for you believing in me. Thank you for being nothing but a pure example of a multitude of positives and nothing but brotherly love and compassion. I miss you dearly, I miss my friend, I miss my brother. I hope you are catching all the fish in the world up there. I love you forever.

#tayfree9000 #x24x #straightedge
Today, tomorrow, forever.
Happy Edge Day ✖️🙅🏻✖️
Thankful always for the time I get to spend with all of you. I'm a better person for knowing all of you and you've all helped shaped me differently into the person I am now. I'm grateful to be apart of our family and I appreciate how strong it is, how all of us have grown together and seeing where we are now, and all the things we will achieve in the years going forward. There is no limit. Thank you for always keeping me grounded /humble lately without saying a word and making me strive for greater things. I'm proud of you all. I love you all. I count on you, you count on me.
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Even though it's my most sketchy lift cause I always hurt myself, it was time to adjust and work on conventional. 3x5 @365 #sketchlift #deadlift #x24x #pussylip
Getting to explore and adventure through Massachusetts in the fall was amazing! I miss it already. 🍂🍃 Big thank you to @firexfight24 and @rikk_13 for letting us take over your house for six days. I love you guys! ❤️ #X24X #straightedge
I can't believe that it's already time to go home. This vacation flew by and I'm not ready to go back to reality just yet. I love these dudes! Thank you all for making these past few days so dope! #X24X #XXIV #24crew #internationalbadboys
When it finally hits you that the BBQ is over........ #x24x ✌🏻️😞 till next time gents. Thanks for a great weekend.