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Ahhh...the comparison trap. I joke that I have the opposite of FOMO...especially when it comes to leaving my kids. I just don't like to..they're little and I'm in the second half of my third pregnancy.

Seeing so many people travel to cool conferences had me into the comparison zone last week. With morning sickness in the first trimester and taking some time off working this summer I've felt myself sliding into that comparison zone. As I go through my third pregnancy, I have felt myself get caught up in the comparison trap lately...and I’ve seen other people feeling the same way.
Traveling to cool business events is something I've been thinking a lot about it because the people who I know and network with...and look up a lot. They go to conferences, networking events, in person mastermind events.
And they have MASSIVE pay-offs.
I know this. And...I’ve experienced it!
But….like…I have to be honest here.

I see people traveling to amazing places...and I have the opposite of FOMO.
I just want to be home with my kids.
Am I alone in this? Or weird?
I get totally caught up in the comparison trap though wondering if I NEED to be traveling to grow my business.
Or if I SHOULD make some type of effort to actually WANT to go places…

But then I remember that life is cyclical. That my kids are only little once. That I can do business how i WANT to do business. That I CAN make time for what REALLY moves me and I WANT to go to. That when my kids are older, it will be easier to leave.
Here's what I do when I start going down the trap:

Notice what is sending you down that path. Think about WHY? What does it say about you? Say thank you for realizing it’s sending you down the comparison trap path, call myself out and get back in my own lane.
If it’s about a specific person, realize that there is room for us all. Send them best wishes for more success. Realize it’s just more evidence we can do it too!
When I feel like giving up I remind myself that doesn’t get me closer to my dreams or goals.
And this may be my FAVORITE one...and the most WOO WOO :) • When I feel behind, I’ll remind myself the Universe always has perfect timing no matter what!
My morning routine (including school drop off) always gets me to work about 20 minutes early. I always just jump on the computer and start dealing with emails. Today I decided to use the extra time to get some activity in. 20 minutes walk in the bag and I'm ready to tackle the day. Happy Friday the 13th!!! 🎃👻🙀
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I read a blog post awhile a ago about helping your future self out. Concept was basic, do something now that will make your life easier in the future. I've been applying this idea to meal prep and it really has been working for me. For example, tonight while my boys ate dinner I prepped most of the ingredients I will need to pull my dinner together when they go to bed. I certainly didn't have time to make my whole dinner but I got a few steps done. This saves me a lot of time later and also stops me from abandoning my dinner plans and eating crap because the idea of pulling a whole dinner together at 8pm seems too overwhelming.
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I didn't want to walk in the rain tonight, but I made a promise to myself, and I managed to get in 6k, despite being soaking wet. The downsides to walking in the rain? I need wipers for my glasses, and none of the dogs or cats were out and about and I missed seeing them 😫 #integrity #wycwyc #walk #active #stayactive #beactive #celiac #celiacdisease #keto #ketogenic #autoimmunedisease
Saturday cardio done! I've been slacking on my cardio since I started #thinnerleanerstronger and switched to #maintenance. I'm trying to keep overall health in mind, so I'm working to hit my daily step goal and find little pockets of time to get my heart rate going! #rloseit #redditloseit #xxfitness #xxfitfam #momstrong #momswholift #girlswholift #fitnessjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #wycwyc
Soaking up the ☀️ and 🌊 breeze with my 👶🏻. • It was my goal to wake up and run this morning before Katie woke up but, my body wanted rest. So instead, in do what you can, when you can fashion, her morning nap was enjoyed on-the-go while momma power walked for 75 minutes while taking time to soak in the amazing weather. I'm forever thankful to @roninoone and @carlabirnberg for introducing me to this mantra and mindset as it has been SO helpful this past year! #momlife #fitmom #runhappy #wycwyc
The most difficult pose does not involve twisting the body, but rearranging the mind. I love a challenging practice on the mat. However it's more about what I do in these quiet moments that keeps me grounded and steady off the mat. Meditation doesn't have to be fancy or take hours. If you can sit and breathe, you can meditate. Join me Wednesday's at 10:40 am at @nsjyoga (Free) or Thursday's at 9:30 am @mastermindcenter (first class $10) to see what all the buzz is about. #meditationworks
I am finally reading my pal @carlabirnberg's book, which she co-wrote with @roninoone, and which has been on my list for awhile. Buy and read this, y'all! It's laid out in a practical and simple manner, and includes a whole lotta rad quotes that correspond to each topic. Already thinking of ways I can apply the principles they advocate not just to health/fitness, but also to making time for myself to do things more. #lifeissostrange #wycwyc #whatyoucanwhenyoucan #dothething
I have a half hour lunch break and a gym right next to my office. I know it doesn't seem like much but at least I'm moving my body and getting my steps in. My old self would have convinced myself that if it wasn't a 3 mile run, it wasn't worth doing .A knee injury slowed me down this spring so this is about as much as I can do pain free. Also, I use this time to catch up on all my instastories which keeps me motivated.

#weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #wwmoms #wwsisterhood #becauseitworks #bettertogether #wycwyc #smartpoints
While these legs look cute in my @skirtsports Pocketopia Capris, they are tired and heavy today...getting me only through half of my run. Off to stretch and roll out as tomorrow is another day!! #skirtsportsambassador #skirtsports #realwomenmove #runningskirt #runningmom #running #momrunner #❤mycapris #mamarunner #boymom #wycwyc #myflowerslookthirsty

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