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This heel turn is doing absolute wonders for Sami. I love the fact that Sami is in the grey with his heel turn, because nowadays good guys and bad guys are so black and white.
I'm really nervous for Asuka's call up to the main roster considering what WWE management has been doing with recent NXT call ups such as Bobby Roode & Shinskue Nakamura. Why change Bobby? The guy was perfect as a heel, but nope they had to turn him face... and guess what it's not working. He looks so uncomfortable working as a face, and then we go to Nakamura who lost two straight PPVs to JINDER MAHAL, and because of that he is now down in the mid card. SHINSKUE NAKAMURA is in the mid card. Now, I get it some of you may be like oh Hunter why are you complaining so much? Just stop watching if your going to complain etc. well I have a question for those folks: do you guys complain when your favorite football team is doing poorly? Yes. Will you immediately stop watching football all together because your favorite team is doing awful right now? No, of course not. Same goes here, yes there are A LOT of issues with WWE, but at the end of the day I still enjoy it to an extent. But also, I'm a realist I'm not going to pussyfoot around and tell everyone that EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THING is amazing. Because it's not.
Imagine how WWE may treat guys like Aleistar Black or Adam Cole, guys who were successful in NXT, and then like Bobby Roode or Nakamura fall ever so flat on the main roster. Damn shame.
THE WWE DRAFT IS HERE!The show will kick-off with the introduction of the Commissioners and General Managers for both WWE RAW and WWE SMACKDOWN! Who they will be?Up-next.
Is there any slight positive to Jinder facing Brock at Survivor Series. I'm being serious, if there is someone please tell me. 🤦🏻‍♂️
I'm a very impatient yet passionate 11 year wrestling fan. It really irks me when talents are not used to their full potential. Or certain champions are not believable or they beat guys they really shouldn't etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Should have been drafted to RAW and immediately thrusted into an intercontinental title feud with Miz.
There is a sad notable day and night difference between NXT Bobby & main roster Bobby... at this point Bobby is simply just an entrance.
Scored the Fall Convention exclusive Zack Ryder Funko earlier today! WWYKI! 👊🏻
Chris Jericho comments on WWE releasing Jimmy Jacobs "Jimmy's very good and if I was there at the time I would've tried to help him. It's not the smartest move. If I work at McDonalds and post a picture of me hanging out with guys from Wendy's and a hashtag Wendy's is Great, they might not be happy about it. I think Jimmys a smart guy and maybe it wouldn't surprise me if he knew what was going to happen. Maybe he was getting sick of it there. I just knew when I saw that I was like you can't do that man. Was it a fireable offense? Well it's not my decision. Vince thought it was and that tells me there was probably some other stuff going on and that was the final straw" "I will say this. My last year in WWE Jimmy Jacobs was my co writer on everything I did. All of it! And the weeks he wasn't there I said I don't like this I want Jimmy! Because that's how much I trusted his talent and instincts. I wouldn't be too worried about him finding work."
First Woman-pick for SMACKDOWN! is Naomi. SAMI ZAYN joins the roster too.
RAW roster gains three new superstars: they're the "Lunatic Fringe" DEAN AMBROSE, "The Monster Among Men, " BRAUN STROWMAN and "The Artist" known as SHINSUKE NAKAMURA
The next wave of WWE Funko POP! Vinyls! These are amazing. Also rumored is a Shinskue Nakamura Toys-R-Us exclusive.
After the announce, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Hulk Hogan have been cut off by Shane McMahon, new WWE SMACKDOWN! Commissioner. He has also introduced his team: SMACKDOWN! new General Manager, Kurt Angle and SMACKDOWN! Women's Division Supervisor, Lita. They're ready to announce the first two pics of their roster...