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Ikutan yuk,
Naskah-naskah yang lolos seleksi akan dibukukan!
Gratis untuk semua follower Ellunar!

30 Nov 2017 (Puisi & Cerpen)
31 Jan 2018 (Novel)

Halo-helo, fellow authors!

Di ulang tahun Ellunar yang ketiga ini, tepatnya pada 15 Oktober 2017, kami kembali mengadakan lomba menulis yang sudah ditunggu (dan ditagih-tagih) banyak orang. Semua follower Ellunar boleh ikutan. Lomba menulis ini tidak dipungut biaya apa pun, baik puisi, cerpen, maupun novel semuanya gratis! ;) Kami mencari naskah fiksi paling menarik yang bisa membuat tertawa, menangis, atau memandang dunia dalam sudut yang sedikit berbeda. Tema lomba kali ini? Bebas! Pilihlah tema terbaik yang bisa menunjukkan kemampuan menulis terbaikmu. Tentang memperjuangkan kebebasan, ambisi meraih mimpi, pengkhianatan seorang sahabat, melarikan diri dari tekanan keluarga, menerima konsekuensi dari kematian seseorang, menemukan “rumah” baru, mengisolasi emosi, menghindari perasaan kehilangan, cinta yang perlahan hilang, dan apa pun yang terlintas di pikiranmu sekarang. Sebelum mulai menulis, pastikan kamu sudah mengecek ketentuan lomba di:


Kami tunggu naskahmu! Selamat berkarya!

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Dear October,
I didn't sleep well last night, and I'm very out of practice with the whole concept of intense studying. The two are related, as I'm sure you've guessed.
For years and years, I could study until midnight-ish, crash, and be good to go in the morning. That no longer works. If I study into the night, my brain decides that we're just going to keep working all. night. long. and let me tell you, October, that's not okay. I'm sleepy. I should be studying, but I think I'm going to go to bed early instead.
You keep teasing me with cold mornings, my dear October. It's lovely having you make your presence known, but stay a while, if you could. I've moved solely to hot Starbucks drinks, which usually happens around the time you show up, but it would be great to not feel silly getting a hot drink when I'm in shorts.
I have to say, October, I'm really enjoying the prolonged beach season. Normally by now, my beach trips have dropped off for the year... but we're still going on Sundays. The water was chilly, but there's something magical to that as well.
I better post this before I forget, but I'll talk to you tomorrow, October. I expect you here in the morning.
Today's prompt for #mycozyfallhome is #layers . This jar sits on my bathroom counter where I can see it everyday. To everyone else a simple decoration. To me, it's the beach and the mountains. My favorite place and Alan's, layer upon layer intertwined. It's happy memories and treasures gleaned. If you look up in the top right corner you can barely see the edge of a picture frame that hangs above it that says,"'Tis Mercy All." Isn't it? It's all a gift! #write31days #writinglife #widow #womenofjoy #deeplyrooted #grievingwithhope #onethousandgifts #lifeafterloss #lifeissweet #shells🐚 #mountains #remember #givethanksdaily #liftupyoureyes
Yo my beautiful people! Need your opinion on what I'm about to write. I just discovered a youtuber called Jinti Fell and I have been stumped and intrigued and more than curious. She along with her husband and her small kid travel across Australia living out of a van (it's not even a trailer with a bathroom and a kitchen) the entire time. It may sound fancy and so exciting and adventurous but I feel it's too restricted a life for 12 months! I personally have no problem with living out of a van for maybe a month, after which I would love to go back to a house which has a roof over my head. But living beyond a month in a van sounds a bit crazy to me and having said that I completely respect Jinti and her family's life. I love how strong and determined they are about their lifestyle. It's amazing to see that they are stubborn with the way they have chosen to live even if it's temporary as they claim. Kudos to them but I personally don't think it's a good idea to live a life out of a van for a long term.
What do YOU guys think? Would love to hear/see.
Tip: if you're ever looking for sentence starters, think of how you're feeling. Are you happy? Are you scared? Are you angry? What about? What's your body temp like rn?
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