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What are your favourite design pieces... ever?? Here's my last of 3, @wrigleysgum Spearmint packet! I think it's the arrows, and that minimal colour palette, I have always loved this fresh little thing!
Extra Mint Chocolate Chip gum is also back from the dead. It was formerly part of Wrigley’s “Dessert Delights” line introduced in 2010, all of which have gotten the axe since. It‘s a smooth & creamy mint with chocolate notes in the background. While I’m not a fan of dessert gums in general, I do like this one as I believe all gums should be minty. The flavor also lasts a helluva lot longer than competitors like Project 7. I think this gum had something of a cult following, so it’s nice to see it back.
This Big Red Gum advertising GoCard is from 2000 and the back says 'Long Lasting Fresh Breath. It Looks Good on You" Hmm don't think it's still 25 cents. #bigred #wrigleys #freshbreath #cinnamongum
THIS is the BEST looking pack of gum like EVER!!! I love it #Wrigleys #extralonglastingflavor #spearmint
Salam, mari segarkan mulut anda dengan Wrigley's DoubleMint™ 😊Anda akan lebih berkeyakinan untuk senyum dan berbual.

#wrigleys #doublemint #maybank #gengborak #mariborak #napekausenyum #senyumitusedekah

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