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Cloocroo has a nice medley of events that are team building, urban competitions, or a simple fun tournament involving just one game in normal clothing and everyone still has a blast. Why do we say still? Because most of our pics on Instagram the teams get dressed up and that screams a different kind of fun that we endorse to the fullest! The use of color is what we aspire to and we try to give participants what their team can be inspired by. Nothing carbonates our creativity like Koningsday which is King's Day in the Netherlands on April 27th. The color of their flag Is red, white, and blue, but the Dutch wear Orange because it's the color of The Dutch Royal Family. Posting this now seemed apropos autumn and Halloween wise. For us at Cloocroo we use this as a visual to help people get ideas for teams, but more importantly we hope this cultivates a cultural curiosity to motivate everyone to travel and sample this amazing diverse world. Cheers Amsterdam! Going Dutch never seemed so right #Amsterdam #kingsday #orange #wish #orangecounty #woulddothis #celebration #canal #boatparty #dutchtreat #springinautumn #inspiration #cloocroo #lagunabeach

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