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Leg day🔥🔥 Try these with me 💪 Superset✔️Hex bar squats followed by Hack squat machine.. 4x12 each with an exxtra heavy resistance band!😅💦 #pressplay #flexfriday #workoutvideo
Keep your core tight, and your habits tighter. It’s habit that will keep you going, motivation soon runs out so you’ve got to dig deep, set that alarm, book that class, however you do it make it part of your routine. You’ll get there! Train anytime, anyhow, anywhere @anytimefitnesswynyard , it all adds up!
We think we have the Warrior tiger down pat 😂 Get your Saturday off to the right start and join us for class tomorrow 8 a.m. @ Center Stage. New barre track is on the playlist! 👊🏻 #highfitnesslv
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Here is a variation of sumo squats that will light your legs and gluteus on FIRE...
•Perform sumo squat with dumbbell
•Follow each rep with a pulse rep (1/4 range of motion)
•Rep options: Perform 12-15 reps or 30-60 second set.
•Try completing anywhere from 3-8 rounds of this to completely finish your legs off!
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Shoulders stretch featuring @jenny_cu_yoga
. "Day 2 of the #sofayoga #yogachallenge with @cyogalab is Rack Pose, a great shoulder stretch. I wish my couch was higher. I might try this again sitting on the ground with an extra pillow on the couch. Try bringing your chin to your chest for an extra back of the neck stretch at the same time. "



Under Construction - Grooming Your Mind
Fitness Gear and Apparel
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Tag a friend who loves building that #booty 🍑🍑! This is a great superset to try on leg day. I used a 50 lb barbell and did 12 lateral step ups, left side only, followed by 12 in place lunges, left leg forward. Then I switched sides to finish off round 1! I did 4 total rounds. On the step ups, be sure to keep your weight in that top heel and have that leg do most of the work. Go to a full extension at the top. On the lunges, be sure to let your weight drop straight down instead of forward or backward, pushing thru that front heel and don't let your knee go past your toe. The rest of today's leg/plyo/glute workout has been shared in my IG story so go check it out!
leggings are @tilyoucollapse 😍
Low impact cardio workout for the days you need a good sweat and calorie burn Without being bored. Heaven knows I cannot stay on the stairmaster doing steady state cardio for longer than 10 min straight, bc well, I get bored and am mentally done. I saw this work out @__chady__ posted and decided to give it a try. It was 🔥🔥. Low impact but keeps your heart rate high and gets you sweating. I burned over 600 calories in an hour 😥

Repeat the following till 1 hour passes. It honestly goes by quickly because you're doing something different every few min and its mentally easier to tackle 5 min at a time vs an entire hour 😉 -level 8 forward, 5 min
-30 kb sumo squat to upright row
-level 8 right side, 5 min
-15 kb sump squat to upright row right arm
-level 8 left side, 5 min
-15 kb sumo squat to upright row left arm
-level 8 forward skip every other step with kickback 5 min
-5 min backwards, (I dropped to level 5 bc I have not mastered the backward step and didn't want to die 😂) -15 ab rollout

Repeat till one hour passes which for me was 2x through. 👍
And as always applied my @bodiwerk
Performance gel before my workout 👌

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Happy Friday! After taking a much needed nap, got up & gave my body some work on the #FlexFriday! Can't be away at a conference & not workout! 😅This gym was such a treat, especially the views! 😁 Hope you all have an awesome day/weekend!
Coach Spencer

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