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There will be bumps and bruises, tears and pep talks, and blood and a lot of sweat. But it will ALWAYS be earned and NEVER given. #gwpl #bgb #powerlifting #wip #stayhungry #workdontwish #squats #trapbruise #earnednotgiven #frecklesonfreckles #irishaf #keepworking #gainz
One thing you can always be sure of is your commitment to yourself 🙌🏼 You have full control over where you invest your time and your energy. My mental strength is what has carried me to where I am today. Nobody held my damn hand, I did it for myself, because I’m worth it. I knew what I wanted and I’ve put in constant WORK every single day and the best part is..we ain’t done yet 😈 never give up on yourself or let someone tell you how to live your life. Surround yourself with the right people and continue to level up ✊🏼💯 #workdontwish #transformationtuesday #weworkin #alwaysroomformore #letsgrow
A shout out to all of our winners during anniversary week! Congratulations and thank you to every one who took part of our week! We are so thankful for you and looking forward to many more anniversaries! #teamvital #surroundyourselfwithgreatness
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Too many people expect something for nothing. That's not how most people's lives work. If you want it, then you need to do it.
I love my job and I wouldn't do anything to change the late nights working while most people are relaxing.
No magic pill...
No magic moment...
No other person...
Not money...
Can make YOU happy long term.
YOU have to make YOURSELF happy!
You have to invest in yourself.
You have to fuel your body to give you energy and to feel good from the inside out.
You have to work out for strength & positivity.
You have to read personal development to gather up those tools when you need them.
And you have to find your tribe of women that can help you through the days that you can’t do it on your own.
Before I found Beachbody I had a really great life, I would never deny that.
But I wasn’t living that life to its fullest potential.
I wasn’t my happiest self.
I wasn’t strong.
I didn’t have energy.
I hoped for more for myself.
And when I began doing this Beachbody thing I became more.
I was happier.
I was healthier.
I was a better friend.
A better wife.
A better mother.
And everything in between.
Because it’s not just about workout, it’s about a way of life with people who live by the same motto as you.
Are you ready to make the shift to a happier you? When you are I am here ready to show you how.❤️

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