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Sage cleansing my spirit
White sky of the Morning Dove
Grey waves of thunder
Beckon me forward
I look up
At the Pine Trees
And the rain drips down my lips 🌿🌱🌾🍂🐚🕊🌊
From rubble and ruin, I was rebuilt.
Your earthquake won't rattle my knees.
I've grown roots so deep
that even chaos can not reach.
For I, at my core,
still have faith like mustard seeds.
Laurel Reed

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Our #words reflect our #hearts making our #communication a heart issue. Is your heart in the right place to speak to people and glorify God?
I believe we all have one or many purpose that we are destined for and for me it's helping women to go from feeling lost, invisible to taking back control and moving forward to a place of purpose, passion and HAPPINESS! 😁
Happiness attracts Happiness! The universe knew I was stuck unsure on my business name and so it sent it to me. Someone told me I am all about helping women to 'CHOOSE HAPPINESS' 💡
As a thank you to the universe I am holding a 10 Day Choose Happiness challenge!
To take part Feel free to join my group
Or sign up to the challenge

If tomorrow was the happiest day of your life so far, what would happen?

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