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How is it possible that you have me so captivated and a hostage to my own body and soul..? Oh, the sights and delights I want to share with you tear me up at the seems and rush through my veins.. ready to burst... my heart longs to see what we could offer each other... please play a game with me - in all the best ways... #wontstoptilwesurrender
**proud of myself post** so yeah I'm obviously still not where I wanna be. But this isn't even a full month's progress! This picture on the left was a few days before Christmas. This one on the right was Yesterday 1/7/17. This just shows.. YES all good things take time, but if you want something bad enough you will work your ass off for it. I've only been working out EVERYDAY between the gym and at home for 3 weeks now. 3 weeks people, it might not look like much a result to some of you but to me it's 17 lbs smaller, a pant size down, strong and healthier! (And my belly button don't frown.. 😂) I've never felt more confident in myself. So yes. This is a appreciation post for myself. Happy to be doing me for me! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 01/08/17 #motivation #fitness #wontstoptilwesurrender
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"I remember that love song, I sang every word wrong , but you didn't, no...And I'll admit that I miss you, but only if you do cause you know that I'm shy" "And no need to complicate it, this smile is worth the wait. Yeah, I'm forever only yours". "Someday maybe when we are old and grey, we could be in love once more..till then I won't give my love away. Darling, I'm forever only yours." -
Taylor mentioned her favorite song was 'Sweet Disposition' in an interview on EXTRA on October 2012. She's loved the song since 2009. That is Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap. She and Harry met on March 31, 2012 at the KCAs. Then Harry tweeted a few days after some lyrics to the song. He hadn't before. It is confirmed that this was Taylors favorite song before it was Harrys and Taylor introduced Harry to the band's music and song. It immediately became one of his favorites (At the time everyone thought it was Larry but it was in fact a Haylor song). They saw eachother and had a small fling for about 2 weeks , then he was caught kissing Emily Ostily. The reference to seeing her happy with another guy, was because after their break up she dated Tom Odell in February 2013. It lasted for a short period but she never confirmed anything, although she did look happy at the time. She was also later in June/July rumored to be dating Matthew Gubler (actor). They were together at her huge 4th of JULY party. She wasn't serious with anyone but did date around..just like Harry did afterwards. Harry also wrote 'A little bit of your heart' which mentions the same thing..and being a fool for someone and also 'I Love You' which he admits to Taylor that he loves her more than she thinks he does also referencing her song lyrics and her lucky number #13.
Harry got the tattoo of the wrong lyrics on June 16, 2012 also the summer that Taylor was dating Conor Kennedy, but Harry and Taylor were still in contact. .
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Gonna try to start promoting one of my fanfics tonight :)
Okay so to sum it up, I created several fanfics and I started them all but I lost inspiration once my account got deleted for posting inappropriate stuff🙄 But now since the boys are on break I saw a post saying "fanfic writers please don't go away during the break we need you!" And I felt somewhat responsible.😶 The link to my stories are in my bio if you'd like to familiarize yourself with them, though I will be posting video edits and or photos to promote each story. :) Thank you!
"That face you pull when you play the last night at the O2"
My mother says she knew I was gay since I liked one direction... I've never been more disappointed