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And I am so excited. There were a couple of glitches to start with, but happy to say it's all sorted now. Wahoo, ready to start a new journey and see where it leads to.
Bring your friends to join our spa lady family this Saturday 0ct 21, 2017 & earn $5 off your monthly dues! You can both participate in one of our special hurricane relief classes! Visit our website to reserve your spot today. #fitnessevent #hurricanerelief #zumbathon #spinathon #p90x #fitnessclass #southorange #maplewood #memberreferral #womensfitness
New Choreo. Go to the link in my bio to watch the full video with intro broken down. ****Share this post if you are competing in the SHARE DanceVibes Contest. Rules posted on my FB page. #sharedancevibes
Can you feel the love I have for the one behind this lens?
Pretty sure this photo sums it up!
📷 @lisahaefnerphoto 💙❤️💙❤️
Incredible event last weekend at @cranknyc with @afitnessmoment on the podium!
Thank YOU to all who rode...gave back...and made this so very special!
📷 @lisahaefnerphoto
Too busy to prepare a healthy lunch? Find a local grocery store that has a salad and hot food bar.

It cost me $10 for quality steak and shrimp, roasterd artichoke, and a mixed carrot and beet salad. And a coffee. You can eat healthy, nutritious food and not break the bank. You just have to know where to look.
♡ Day 67: ...considering I've been on a girls holiday to Spain, I am extremely happy to have lost 1lb this week!

Feeling extremely motivated for this week && looking forward to next week's weigh in already.

Bring it on ♡
Thrive Can and Will Change your life, even if you think you already eat clean enough!

Hi! My name is Maren Mima from Colorado and this is my Thrive Experience!
I am a personal trainer and am also certified in Nutrition for almost 10 years now! Prior to this chapter in my life, I was VERY unhealthy and overweight… I decided to change my life and get healthy. What I learned is HOW very important not only exercise is, but how important nutrition is!!!! I lost 118 lbs on my journey without any supplements all through clean eating and exercise and thought I had it all figured out!!!! So naturally, when my younger sister brought Thrive to me I was angry!!! Mad that someone talked her into a supplement! But she urged me to take a look at this, that it was different, that is was full of NON GMO and Gluten free, raw ingredients and that I would like it!!! I ignored her, for 6 months!
That following 6 months I found myself exhausted, after giving my all to my personal training clients, my own workouts, my son, my house as well as all of the extras my hubby normally took care all on my own as my husband was deployed. I kept telling my son we would go to the pool the next day that mommy needed a nap…. Then 1 day I had ENOUGH, my son said, "Mommy, we can go to the indoor pool you can sit down there?" That broke my heart! This is NOT why I changed my life and got healthy, to feel like this. I knew something was missing and did my research on Thrive!!!! I discovered I LOVE it, so simple, so FULL of amazing nutrients that I knew I needed to fill in the gaps in my eating. I took out the trial pack my sister gave me and took it the next day!
Day 1, I felt amazing! My mind was sharp, I was FULL of energy, I felt like a teenager with less ANGST again!!!!! I finally felt like the Maren I knew has been here all along!!!
Day 2, I SLEPT LIKE A BABY!!!!!!!
DAY 3, I danced in the kitchen while making breakfast at 5am and my son recorded it and asked me to NEVER stop taking Thrive!
The benefits have only continued. The recovery benefit of this product is amazing! Not to MENTION the pre and pro-biotics!!! CAN WE say AMAZING gut health!!! WOW!!! (cont’d 👇🏿)
Tonight’s quick tips to reenergise. Have a go and see if it gives you a lift or come along to our classes and you can try the balls out 😜👍

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