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gest_r 2m ago
No more stopping, taking off your gloves to deal with your smartphone – just gesture and go. Get updates here:
Dumb faces in beautiful places 🙆🏻. Having cabin fever and in need of a trip up North this winter! #WinterIsComing #Nature #Winter #Tennessee #TN #Mountains #SweaterWeather
I don't know if it's the overwhelming number of #MeToo updates I've seen on Facebook, the shit eating grin #45 has on his face just as he says something obnoxiously gross, the fact that I'm probably not going to make the playoffs in a Yahoo Fantasy League for the first time because I didn't get the opportunity to draft my team, the fact that I'm nearly 32 years old and I can't find one woman on this Earth that I truly trust and want to open up to in life, or the fact that #winteriscoming in more ways than one... but something has had me anxious the past week and some change, but for the first time yesterday, I fought it and I won momentarily. I think I will eventually take @potuslives up on the yoga offer, I do think changing my breathing has helped a lot.
#notamodel #beard #flannel #ootd #mensfashion #awesomeroom

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