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In an effort to Drink California in support from the devastating fires, I have another Cabernet Sauvignon today. It's grapes are sourced from Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lodi. 🍷 Wine Bottom Line: Joel Gott 2014 "815" Cabernet Sauvignon~juicy ripe fruit like blueberry and blackberry hit the palate along with cherry cola and vanilla~slight perfume note~velvety tannins~long finish~$13 #drinkcalifornia #napastrong #sonomastrong #supportcalifornia #cabernetsauvignon #joelgott #winebottomline
NEW THIRSTY & CURIOUS Wine Tasting @ Montecito 🍷 Have you noticed that a wine you love is a completely different experience when paired with the right dish? Has it been an accident when you stumbled on that magical combination? Next time, make it a purposeful pairing. Join us for Thirsty & Curious: Playing with your Food on Thursday, October 26th to taste 6 different wines and learn how to pair them. Click the link in our bio for more details 👆
La torchiatura è l'operazione che mira a sottrarre alle vinacce la maggior parte del mosto e del vino che esse contengono; nel caso di vinacce fermentate l'operazione deve essere effettuata immediatamente dopo la svinatura, in quanto ci troviamo di fronte ad una materia prima instabile, facilmente soggetta alla acidificazione ed alla perdita di alcool. E' opportuno accertarsi, prima di passarle al torchio, che le vinacce, specialmente in superficie, siano sane. Va ricordato che torchi idraulici operano con un'azione di pura compressione mentre i torchi continui elicoidali operano con un’azione combinata di compressione e di sfregamento, con prevalenza dell'una e della altra a seconda delle soluzioni meccaniche adottate. Infine occorre fare una distinzione tra vinacce di uve bianche, che solitamente si torchiano vergini, e quelle di uve rosse, che normalmente si torchiano fermentate#torchiatura#vendemmia2017#basilicatadabere#lucaniagram#winetasting#enología#cantina#madeinitaly#tradition#winelover#winetour#pictureoftheday#photography#mimmogoodlife😋
These ladies have been friends since they were born and get together for a special lunch out every now and then to catch up! We are so happy that today they chose to have this special date at Indulge 😊.
Chair position is more bearable with friends and cute barre tees! Wine & Barre's online shop is officially ✨LIVE✨ via link in bio. #wineandbarre
Tasting notes of Guccione's 'P'! Perricone, a rare grape native to northwest Sicily, is full of delicious dark fruit and savory spice. It’s a must try!
Some people are intimidated 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️by going into a tasting room or winery, 🍷but you don’t need to be ‼️You will find some tips for when you go to a tasting room on my FB page - #wine #winetasting #winetaster #winelover #winelife #napavalleywine #winemember #winetips #winetip

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