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To meet Lobster Claw from Heliconiaceae family don’t need to go to Argentina or Peru where it natural habitat are. Just go to the tropical greenhouse in Brooklyn Botanical Garden and try to find it there.
Met this one nine years ago this week; she still likes me on occasion. Forward to this #tbt of us basking on The Brooklyn Riviera this past summer.
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We see you weekend - LINK TO REGISTER IN OUR BIO for this Saturday’s FREE WORKOUT!! Focus for a second because spots are ‘limited’ This means you need to get your name down stat! Thank you and have a nice day.
🇺🇸 I’m not a type of person who is considered a caffein addict, but I could surely discern the difference of acidity at a sip of coffee from bluebottle. Yes, maybe it’s true coffee that you and i might haven’t known of, but it’s definitely not my cup of coffee.🤠🙅‍♂️ However, it’s a contemporary winner in terms of a niche brand going nationwide and further, considering current M&A done by Nestle. Anyways after having iced mocha from Stumptown, every coffee tastes not enough for me now! #newyork #brooklyn #williamsburg #bluebottle #stumptown #morningcoffee #coffee

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