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Gratitude. I started the year with one new year resolution, to show and express gratitude - simple, achievable, and powerful when practiced. This week I celebrated my 27th revolution around the sun and was reminded how very much I have to be grateful for. I am truly humbled by the outpouring of love from friends near and far. I spent a beautiful week alongside my soul mate, filling up my love tank and nourishing my creative soul. From traipsing along redwood trails, exploring coastal paths and connecting with my inner Mermaid, driving along the Northern California coast taking in the breathtaking beauty, and dancing the night away with some of my favorite people...I have so much to be grateful for and am so incredibly humbled and reminded that each act of love and gratitude starts a ripple of kindness that begins with me and reaches further than I can imagine...I love and appreciate you, my tribe ❤️ #wildspiritdesign
Because it's not quite Spring yet! Hand embroidered and beaded snowflake chokers available in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop - link in bio. ❄️❄️❄️ #wildspiritdesign
Wild Spirit Design in the wild. I design my hand embroidered and beaded jewelry to be functional and fun, something you don't have to be afraid to wear outside. #wildspiritdesign
Just like a snowflake, no two handmade jewelry pieces are the same. Shop these bracelet designs inspired by the ephemeral beauty found in nature - link in bio. ❄️❄️❄️ #wildspiritdesign
Escaping into the wild areas is how I heal and nourish my creative soul. I love the added perspective that a drone adds to my outdoor experience. I am so grateful to have the stunning Sierras as my backyard playground to explore. #wildspiritdesign
Original sugar skull designs adorn these adorably sweet hand embroidered and beaded bracelets. I love working with such bright pops of color and am excited to continue to expand this line.

Shop these and other hand embroidered designs in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop - link in bio. #wildspiritdesign
One of my original handmade designs in jewel tones. I based the color pallette off my prototype. It is so rewarding to think about how much this creative pursuit has morphed and evolved over this past year when I first took up a sample scrap and started stitching - carrying on the tradition of embroidery artistry taught by my grandmother when I was a little girl.
Shop these handmade, embroidered tribal choker necklaces and other designs in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop - link in bio. #wildspiritdesign
After quite a few requests I've started designing mom & me bracelets. Currently working on a littles line, launching early spring!🌷😍🌷 #wildspiritdesign
In love with the thoughtful handiwork by fellow Etsy artisan @chalkfullofdesign - the perfect gift for Bae on Valentine's Day. What a beautiful, ephemeral way to remind that special someone all the reasons why you love them.

And yes, he does make me smile, every day!

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Better than (conflict) diamonds - handmade bracelets make a great Valentine's Day gift for your loved one this holiday. A whole lot of loving attention and detail went into each of these unique pieces. Shop the entire line in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop - link in the bio. 💕 #becausehandmadeisbetter #wildspiritdesign
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Those puppy eyes get me every time. My constant companion, always there to remind me to get up, move, and most importantly, play. ❤️🐾 Finishing up some adorable Valentine Day bracelet designs, posting to the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop this week! #wildspiritdesign
I find myself gravitating toward geometric designs at the moment. I'm hooked on patterns that I can get lost in; I stitch as much to meditate as I do to create. Which of my designs is your favorite? Or better yet, what would you like to see me to create next? Comment below... 🔹Every jewelry piece you see here has been thoughtfully designed and handmade by yours truly. Shop the link in my bio.🔹 #wildspiritdesign
User Image Posted: Dec 31, 2017 7:51 PM (UTC)
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If you're not passionate about it then you'll never be able to fall into your truth - another beautiful year, in search of the fullest expression of myself as a human being ❤️🙏❤️#wildspiritdesign #2017bestnine
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Whatever you celebrate, I hope your holiday season is full of love and joy. I am eternally grateful for you all - a beautiful community of Wild Spirits who have joined me in support of this creative journey. ✨🙏❤️ #wildspiritdesign #brenebrownquotes
Going to the mountains is going home. Bracelet designs inspired by the stunning Sierra Nevada landscape that I am so incredibly grateful to have as my backyard playground. 🏞️🌲🏔️ Hand embroidered and beaded mountain landscape bracelets available in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy - shop link in bio! #wildspiritdesign
You can find me under the mistletoe this holiday season, wearing this adorable holly berry choker necklace. Shop this and other hand embroidered and beaded jewelry in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop - link in bio. #wildspiritdesign
Find something that inspires you, that brings light and energy to your life. Designing this jewelry by hand and then coming up with fun ways to feature them in creative shoots makes my little creative heart explode with joy and gratitude. Shop these and other hand embroidered and beaded jewelry in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop - link in bio. ❄️✨❤️#wildspiritdesign
LAST DAY for 15% off the entire shop!! Fun fact: every piece comes beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped, free of charge. Because love is in the details. ♥️🙏♥️ #wildspiritdesign
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Bracelet and choker designs inspired by the beautiful, ephemeral geometry of a snowflake. Take 15% off all designs in the WildSpiritDesignCo Etsy shop - link in bio. ❄️ #wildspiritdesign