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User Image animalonplanet Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:57 PM (UTC)
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Yesterday was nothing short of magical. After traveling to Florida several times a year for my entire life, I’ve never actually been there during manatee season. So when I realized we were going to be down in Orlando with a car for the weekend, I planned a 24-hour stopover in Crystal River to snorkel with these gentle giants. AND IT WAS AWESOME. Despite being a bit chilly and overcast and me not feeling my best, yesterday was one of the most memorable mornings ever, and I would absolutely go out of my way to see these creatures in their natural habitat again.
Some hail greeted us at the Manhan fishladder in Easthampton. Fish ladders are responsible for helping many species of migratory fish with their journey over barriers such as dams, and can be hotspots for birdwatching. Thanks to @usfws staff for showing us around. #conservation #fisheries #wildlife #photography #wildlifephotography
One day prior we saw this brown mass floating in the water 7 miles from the park entrance but forgot the binoculars at camp so couldn’t identify it further. We came back to find it dragged to shore and a bear had consumed its internal organs....before defecating to its right side. For your future reference, port-a-potties are an excellent place to find tree frogs in cold or warm weather. In the one alone, I found three species. This one is a Squirrel Tree #bear #blackbear #beaver #scavenger #carrion #animals #biology #wildlifephotography #georgiawildlife #georgia #swamp
User Image a_lallie_new Posted: Nov 22, 2017 6:54 PM (UTC)
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When you’re willing to die for the gram #GetLikesOrDieTrying 😹 .
OK jokes aside, this is stupid! This happened in a Safari Park in Pakistan, one of those places where you drive around with your windows up.
If you go on a real Safari in Africa, you could sit next to a pride of lions in an open top vehicle and not get attacked as the lions are wild, wary of humans and do not see humans as prey. However it’s a different story with these captive lions at these smaller Safari Parks (glorified zoos) worldwide where attacks can and do happen.
Animals in these places have lost their natural fear of humans, the frustration at their captivity makes them more likely to snap and as they’re fed by humans, they associate humans with food. Visitors to these parks can usually pay extra for lion cage feed experiences, which strengthens that link between humans and food.
There was an incident at one of these lion parks in 2015 when a lady rolled down her window to take a photo and a lioness leaped through the open window, dragged her away and killed her sending shockwaves around the world but that’s not uncommon in these places.
This man deliberately made himself an easy target for this lion. He sat down, made himself smaller and made himself look like easy prey for the sake of a photo and in doing so, he has now made things more dangerous for future visitors to this park. Don’t tease and toy with animals like this. Think about the consequences of your actions. Respect animals.
If you want to risk your life for a photo, go ahead but don’t risk an animal’s life in the process as had this lion attacked, it’s the lion who would have been shot dead. I can’t deny that this is a great photo though #ShootWithCamerasNotWithGuns
Caption: @a_lallie_new
Image: FB facts weird
The highlight of my trip to Nairobi was having the opportunity to meet one of Kenyas most talented wildlife photographer Mr. @gurcharan

To witness him in action was a sighting on its own! 😊 What an experience!

Having learnt so much from him and applying it, I will be posting a series of my wildlife photos. This one had to be the first!

Follow my photo journey on:




Thank you Gurcharan , you rock!

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Stars are one of my favorite things to take pictures of. Sometimes wandering around aimlessly, wondering what animals might be watching or even laughing at me as I fumble to find my headlamp; or just barely find my way to my destination, trip on a few logs only to realize I forgot my SD card AGAIN..! I'm not really talking about this picture specifically; just night photography in general. For this self portrait in the Tetons I was mainly hoping my Grizzly bear neighbors wouldn't wander down to the lake and join me for a midnight snack because I didn't bring any extra cookies. I figured it might be worth it to give you some backstory to how I actually get some of these images. Haha it's always a great time 😆 Have you ever experienced this? Tell me about it! .

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Another shot from the African Cheetah Cuddle Competition. Shot afoot from less than 10 metres. #relaxedmode #relaxedmummy #ifeelyou #staywithme

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