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This is me today! No day of rest!

I’m in full making mode! I’m prepping for Christmas, making old favourite and some newbies!
Do you remember all those beads I found a few weeks ago! Well not to give anything away but I’ve been rummaging around in the boxes to find the good one!
Keep your eye on my stories for sneak peeps this week! X
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@jennifermerkley tagged me 23 hours ago for #widrn and this is the first time I’ve had a second to think about it. Right now we are discussing how we don’t do friends with benefits, and if a boy asks even if he’s at another school maybe we should just say goodbye to said boy.
Lazy afternoon nap in the @lovesac with my always lazy sous chef Benson😴🐶 #sweetestdaygoals 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Last night I was turning in when @mayajms asked me #widrn but my phone was downstairs and not with me to reply with a photo. I was taking advantage of my hubs going to bed early, sneaking in some late night sewing. I've got some gorgeous Alison Glass fabrics from #chapelhillquilting I'm cut into to create a slimline wallet for a swap. Amazing Pattern by @cpeicheff
I also received my replacement @jukihomesewing sent me for my 2010 so I was multitasking here, considering when I was going to replace the screw. My house is absolutely a disaster, my living room floor is plastered with a toy magnetile road, but I'm ignoring it all, tucked in my little sewing space - which I hope to do tomorrow again! Cause it's the weekend!

Now, since this tag came down from @karie_twokwikquilters through @mayajms I'll continue mine in the Carolinas. @mrskaraholland @peonyandfern what are you ladies up too?

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Tagged by @karmawillow #widrn is contemplating why I’m wearing shape wear before noon on a Saturday... tagging @elizabeth_chriviaduncan @kunoichi48 @jasims256
@buttonsandbutterflies tagged me for #widrn and that's getting feeling back in my hands after freezing and having fun at the haunted corn maze and stuff with family. Had to get some waffluv to warm up too! So I'll tag @plumpatchwork and @robyntischner and @dailydwelling to ask you what you are doing right now.
My dear friend Karie @karie_twokwikquilters asked me a while ago #widrn and I have to jump in! 😊 We have been relaxing. My DH read bedtime stories with our DS, for him to bed and have just finished watching "the office". I must confess that I used to gag at that show in the beginning... mostly, because it reminded me of an old self centered boss of mine. 😞After a bunch of seasons, the show grew on me... hopeful the ending won't be terrible. 😁😁 Now, I know it's late and might not happen until tomorrow, but #widrn @thequiltedarrow🤗
I can't even remember the last time I was tagged in a #widrn post!! So here goes @karie_twokwikquilters It may be a long one?!!! My second son turned 18 today. I cannot even handle the fact that I have another adult child today...I'll save it for another day.
He requested a chocolate cheese cake (second pic), but Button is upset because a) he hates chocolate and b) more importantly, you MUST have cupcakes for a birthday. So I'm using @onceuponachef recipe to make some cupcakes. I stumbled on her recipe for a lemon pound cake this summer and she has inspired me to toss all my box cake mixes and cook from scratch again. It also has inspired me to creatively cook for my family again, like making homemade enchiladas for the birthday boy today.
My husband is actually encouraging all the baking tonight because I was making cupcakes while watching the Astros on Jamie's bday and they won. Baseball fans are as superstitious as their players. I will say the cupcakes were made from the last box cake mix in my pantry and it was actually awful. I'm excited to taste these.
So I'm gonna ask. What's up tonight @sarcasticquilter @luckycharm93635 and @jennifermerkley ???
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I haven’t played the #widrn game in forever but I just got tagged by @thegreenapricot ...... I’m currently avoiding market life. I am hanging out in the tub binge watching NCIS because I missed most of the last two years worth of the show.... this is the shocking end of season 13.... Tony’s last episode. I had to call @kayl_jewell half way through to discuss the huge plot twist that I certainly didn’t see coming and clearly missed any spoilers when it originally occurred! I’m tagging @buttonsandbutterflies, @mayajms and @karmawillow to see what you are up to this fine fall evening
Watching the Twilight series while contemplating sewing together my Ghastlies fabric that I picked up @intownquilters yesterday is #widrn, as tagged by the super talented @safieh. I haven’t played this game in a long time- tagging friends I haven’t talked to in far too long- @miz_bugg @karie_twokwikquilters @sarcasticquilter @jenkingwell @giucy_giuce ❤️ Sending you all much loves- #aghastliemoment
What are your stitching goals this weekend? Mine is to finish quilting this QS WIP and get the binding attached ready for hand sewing. Oh - and finish writing that pattern 🙄😬#quiltgoals #widrn #walkingfootquilting #bernina710 #handcraftedindigo
the latest in our collection / his + his, his + hers, hers + hers tumbler sets! ♡ so much love for these!
*confession time*

I’ve been very quite on here the last week or so and to be honest, it’s because I’m still struggling with my routine of working at school and running DS.
Having said that, I’m feeling refreshed after some time away and as you can tell from yesterday’s stories, I’m back... so what have I missed? Xxx
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#day19 of #myhousethismonth is a kitchen item/detail. I’ve been out at a work networking/training thingy all day and I’m pooped from all the peopling so my item is the kettle and my teapot. Functional rather than pretty but it’s the end product that counts. Cheers all. #widrn #hyggelingalong
#timefortea #enjoyingthemoment #simplepleasuresoflife #refreshmyself #hyggelifestyle #hyggeliving #takeabreak #bemindful #simplejoy #gingertea #teapotlover #relaxationtime #busydayatwork
an "instastory saw it last week" kind of thing but I'm alive ☠️ #ineedsleep #sos

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