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I invite you to join for the November Tarot challenge (#thenovembertarot)! Swipe for prompts.
The November Tarot challenge is a Tarot challenge for readers of all levels. My challenges are intended for you to practice your reading skills, connect better with your deck, while at the same time learning more about yourself through these daily questions.
After working on our shadows in October, we will work on our light in November. The overall themes for this month are Gratitude and Acceptance. This challenge is meant to remind yourself of your good qualities and the positive around you.
Challenge guidelines:
I try to keep my challenges beginner friendly, this way, if you are a #tarotnewbie you can get comfortable with using the Tarot as a daily divination tool. The November Tarot challenge does not require you to join or post each day. You are welcome to join in on the days/prompts you resonate with, of course you are more than welcome to join everyday. You can also choose to group multiple days in one post. Use the hashtag #thenovembertarot with your posts. I can only see public posts so feel free send me a DM if your page isn't public. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment below. I will always try my best to help you.
I create my challenges for fun, naturally I hope you have fun with them too, or that they, at least, give you something to think about. That's it! I'm looking forward to your posts.

Love and blessings,
Mr. Lionharts
Remember to bookmark this challenge for easy reference.
My little corner is starting to come together ✨💕🌿
AHHH. Look at this donut from @krispykreme. coUNT CHOCULA. It was so gooood

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