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Scene: Trying on clothes the other night in preparation for family pictures.
Me: Parker you're gunna woo all the ladies with you're charming looks and mad guitar skills."
Bridget: "ewww"
Parker:🙈 ☺️
Me: "play your song again so I can take you're picture."
Parker: "Ok. Just don't post it online or anything" #whywouldieverdothat 😁😊#hesgrowinguptoofast #sweetboy #boymom
Finally!! After finally allowing the prednisone, amoxicillin, augmenten, and all other OTC drugs run its course, I can finally cleanse my body of all the toxins and excess fat it's created! Boy, has it done a number on me. We've had some laughs (and cries). 😳🙈👎 I'm so excited to gain that energy, burn fat (but maintain muscle), recycle old and tired cells, and nourish my body with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals. ✌🏻out toxins and fat! Feeling confident that with numerous published clinical trial studies as proof, intermittent fasting is the 💣diggity for visceral fat loss and ⬇️ oxidative stress. Plus, I get to drink coffee and eat chocolate, among more. So there's that... #notapoopycleanse
Well this is embarrassing!!! 🙈Thank you Facebook for reminding me how stupid i was 9 years ago! 1) for posting the same status 3 times and 2) for the pathetic abbreviations!! Why?!!!! #whywouldieverdothat ?!!!!???!!!
Double take In the mailbox today. I guess they REALLY want me to work for them. Yeah, not gonna happen! #pilotshortage #transstatesairlines #desperation #whywouldieverdothat #deceptivemarketing
Usually my "picked for you" pins are right on. This one went way wrong... #pinterestfail #whywouldieverdothat
tbbinc 152w ago
Favorite type of payment for creating something, ‪#‎callmewhatyouwantbutalwayscallmeforwhiskeyandchocolate‬... 31 notes to create a scent close to that of a old and beautiful house. 8 notes for a sex fueled romp to go with that beautiful old house... #sometimesyougetluckyandcatchmewheniaminspiredandthatisworthmorethanmoneytomebutiwilltakethewhiskeythankyou...
nick.foos 153w ago
If only there were a way to get more calories and fat into my body... #bacon #fries #cheese #ow #whywouldieverdothat
paigecal 198w ago
My New Years res was to not let him sleep in my bed anymore ... #jk #whywouldieverdothat
Oh no!!! I found out I had done a selective coloring picture before!! Yuck!!! #ifeelsick #whywouldieverdothat