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"Civilize the mind. Make savage the body." -Mao
Just got these tin signs from @rangerup for the walls of the training den. They represent a large part of what Sheepdog Strong is about. We serve Military, Veterans and First Responders in both mind and body. This profession that we have chosen (or perhaps chose us) is not to be taken lightly. Let us not forget that there are wolves, real, unrealized, and even those within ourselves, lurking around every corner that threatens our way of life and our lives themselves. The training you do today, in both mind and body, will dictate the outcome of any fight that may come. Reach out to me for programming suggestions or personal training. Or join our weekend group sessions to build physical strength and camaraderie amongst each other (see link in bio). Because your true strength lies not in yourself but in the strength of the pack. #sheepdogstrong #livestrongbestrongsheepdogstrong
11-Sep-01. I was working the overnight shift in the control room. I was on a 4 on 4 off rotation. I was actually asleep when the whole day unfolded. I didn't wake up until 1630 MT that day. I didn't watch TV or listen to the radio back then.

I made my way to work and everything was shutdown, I mean everything. It was ghost town in the downtown core during what should have been supper time rush hour in my city of a million people. This may have started in New York City but it literally effected the whole world.

After that day I slept a whole lot less. At that point in my life I had already been working in a newsroom for over four years. So news really didn't interest me because I was bombed with it daily. That changed too.

I don't work in news much anymore. I got a little fitter, smarter (or stupider), little older, joined the infantry.
#NeverForget #WhyWereHere #WTC #Flight93 #Pentagon #GWOT #ThereIsStillMuchEvilInTheWorld #AlexRoss #SomeoneIsTrainingToKillYouRightNow #TrainHarder #ThinkBigPicture #WarOnTerror #NeverStopped #KeepYourHeadUp #AlwaysVigilent
I'm a mother to four beautiful children; Tatum 10, Adam 7 going on 8, and Ava 4 who just started big school. The other one will always be 4-1/2 years old, his name is Alexander and he's been an angel in heaven for 7 years now. Life doesn't define us by how well off we are or how well we look to others but by how we show God's love and love each other. My children taught me how to love. I lost one, almost lost another and I learned from rock bottom what it is truly like to love them and that they'll always be my first priority. They're the reason I live, why I get up, why I push myself, why I don't ever give up. Loving them is what I'm meant to do, it's what makes me great as well. And with Jesus and my angel watching over us we're a-ok no matter what. Long as we got each other❤️ #mykidscomefirst #ilovemychildren #firstpriority #strengthcomesfrommylord #mybabieskeepmegoing #lifeishard #itsdepressing #butneverforget #whywerehere #whoweare #family #love #respect #loyalty #gotyourback #yougotmine #mommylovesyou
Thank you CSD athletes for welcoming us to our afternoon staff training! #csd #studentsfirst #whywerehere
What a ripper of a patrol I had the pleasure of leading! (Minus Belle and Michel because they had already left 😢)
#moot2017 #thebest #whywerehere
Instagram and social media aren't for everyone. We both understand and respect this. But we pray those that find us are encouraged by what they see and read. We aren't perfect, every square will not show grand adventures or examples of incredible photography. Even so, may the Lord use this small space and few words to bless, edify, and encourage.
#godfirst #whywerehere #homeschool #homeschooling #homeeducation #ahomeschoolmom
She was happy
not because sadness
hadn't left its blistered trail
in a heart so easily pierced
but because she'd decided
to be a stubborn drunk
keeping her lips
to every wild blossom
of sun.
#instapoem #poetrylines #poemsofig #pursuitofhappiness #stubbornjoy #wearyourjoy #liveyourjoy #inspiteofpain #boldhearts #lovewildandfierce #fridaythoughts #whywerehere #madeforhappiness

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