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We need to avoid allowing anger to take root in our hearts. One way you can do that is to forgive quickly. Forgiveness is not a suggestion but a command. Jesus says that if you don't forgive others, that our Father in heaven will not forgive you.

God says that vengeance belongs to Him and He shall repay. So trust in the Lord to mete out justice in His good time and in His sovereign way. Plus, you know your obedience will be rewarded. God's word says that it will and you must take God at His word.#followchrist #godisrighteous #letgodhandleit #followtherules #whysoangry
Thus just happened this morning.....i just think the world should see this....i wasn't trying to be a racist as she called later in messages I just asked a question and because she don't understand she got angry and I mean old me would be up in her face mad but older me knows that ain't the way.....this is what's wrong with our people until we can get along and realize we are not our own enemy then and only then can the world change and we get respect BUT by the look of things that isn't happening anytime soon #blackpower #blackbabies #blackdolls #justaskedaquestion #whysoangry #fixmypeople #blackandproud
"Gimme all yer Bánh Mì's!"
• Hội An, Vietnam 🇻🇳 •
• 16 | 06 | 2017 •
#whysoangry #hangry
• I’ll be the first to admit that I’m as anti Trump as it gets. And that’s fine, because that’s my opinion and I’m fucking entitled to it. If you love Trump and think the sun shines out of his orange ass, great. You do you boo. • This comment was posted by someone I went to high school with...had minimal contact with him then and even less in adulthood. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this level of ignorance and misdirected anger fucking terrifies me. All fueled by a video I posted that reflected the “president” in a negative way. • I do believe there is so much good out there, and I try my best to see it in most things. But holy fuck, there’s a lot of bad too. • There were a lot of responses that flew through my mind to reply to him, most of them were not so nice. Instead, I chose to simply “like” his comment. Because even though your ignorant, idiotic and slightly psychotic opinion mildly offended me, you’re still entitled to it. Keep on keepin on with your crazy self sir 👍🏻 I’ll keep on with my liberal hippie fairy ass ways 🦋 #whysoangry #someoneneedsahug #killemwithkindness #spellcheckisathing #tryitsometime
They say don't pull the race card......I'll win by the end of the day....already there are spots filled. #whysoangry #Idontcoon

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