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I sat at my table this morning to have my chocolate shakeo and get some coaching work done before my day care child showed up. Right now I am in a training group, today's task was to write about your dreams and where you want to go in life. It is 10 o'clock at night and I am still having a hard time answering this question. I have gone so long living day to day that to sit and think about what I want in the future almost seems impossible. I know what I would like to have but always push it away as something unattainable or if we ever win the lottery lol

Getting into coaching in the beginning was basically for the discount and the satisfaction that I may be able to help people. After doing different training, challenge groups, talking to new people, the feeling you get when you actually do help someone, getting out of my comfort zone,being apart of such strong amazing people who all have their struggles in life but have been able to accomplish so much has made me realize that I could actually do this to. Everyday I am learning something new, not only about beachbody but about myself.
I see how coaching as financially helped so many people. Paying off debt, being able to leave their jobs, taking trips (even earned free trips through their hard work), being able to pay for their kids after school activities, being able to contribute to paying the bills and some having financial freedom.
So when I dream about what I really want in life I dream not living pay check to pay check, being able to visit our family back east more then every 6 years, finish renovating the house, paying for my kids school fees at the beginning of the year instead of hoping we run into extra money to pay it before the school year is over (totally have done this for like the last 3 years 🙈), go on a trip somewhere warm, be at my goal fitness level, attend summit, not hating to go clothes shopping (having the money to buy the clothes) and in accomplishing all of this the amount of people I will help realize their potential and reach their goals will be amazing.
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Trigger warning, and probably TMI as per usual.
Recently I've seen the #whynotme hashtag floating around. Women who don't have a #metoo to talk about- women who haven't dealt with sexual assault. I have seen beautiful women say that they don't feel pretty because they haven't been subjected to harrassment. It's sad that we measure our beauty by the amount of men that yell at us on the street. But it's true. We're conditioned to think so. The first time I was assaulted I was too little to know what it was. But I did know I was pretty. And that stuck with me. Even now, if a guy doesn't try to push me further than I want to go, I feel like he doesn't want me. When a construction worker whistles at me on the street, I feel pretty. When a guy teased me about being too sensitive when I denied his advances, I felt pretty. But the truth is, sexual violence isn't about a man being so attracted to a woman he can't help himself- it's about power. Whether you've experienced sexual harrassment or not has no bearing on your beauty. Having been assaulted doesn't make you weaker or stronger than someone who hasn't. You're okay the way you are and you're tough and you've made it through hardships, whatever they may be. So there's my heart out on the table again. Jesus loves you, and I love you, and that's all I have to say.
60 lbs down and starting to see definition! This is a long journey with a lot of ups and downs but it is so worth. Don’t give up if you have one bad day. Don’t give up if you have a cheat meal/day/week. You can always get back on track. Just keep your eye on the price and know that patience is key! You can do it!!!
It's an ice cream kind of day, at least according to Lindy. She's still in boarding and lives for these outings.
What is she like? Read about her with link in bio and ask us any questions. She is one amazing girl who would love to have a family and a couch to hang out on.
Grilled Sea Bass & Fried Red Snapper fresh out of the Mediterranean Sea in #AlexandriaEgypt this afternoon and it was pretty good #WhyNotMe
Getting a little Coach business done and personal development. Every single day my goal is to help someone to start, continue on, motivate or inspire someone to make a change in their health and nutrition. If I can do can ANYONE! Is there some aspect of your current health and fitness you are struggling with? PM me or ask in the comments below!!! Be real with yourself and be honest. #truthcanbetheraputic #weallstartsomeplace #whynotme? #imnotingoodenoughshapetodothoseorogramsyouaredoing

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