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OK so I have to make my official pick after tonight's Ep! I usually try to pick it from the first week but i have no idea 😬 I really like Apollo but I'm thinking he's a little young, but in saying that he's very mature for 24. I also like Uncle Sam but that hair needs to go 🙄
Had a rough spell but managed to get back into the groove, licked now waiting for the clash of the year #whotopick #wbc #championship #ontheline
Trinity Technology Group, Inc. Fantasy Football gathering. Half the team is drafting from other places.
#whowillwin #fantasysports #worklife
Its that time again >_< picking only one can be so hard. Even of my crew is smaller now this is like the big dilemma >_>ummmmmm
#random #madnesscrew #whotopick #thisishard
#TuesdayTip - Bridal Party Politics!

YES, this is actually something to really think about...Who do you ask to be your bridesmaids??? "While your bridal party should be all about surrounding yourself with the people you're closest to and those who will support you as you get ready to head down the aisle, it can also feel a lot like a game of political tug-of-war. You have to weigh what will make you feel best on your wedding day next to the risk of hurting feelings, causing rifts, or creating unnecessary drama. To make it a little easier, we've asked our experts to break down whom you shouldn't feel obligated to include—which will hopefully make your choice much more straightforward" - by BRIDES.
BRIDES did a really good write-up about this topic, go read about it so that you can have more insight to this...

Makes you really think twice <3

#tuesdaytip #bridetip #tips #bridesmaids #bridalparty #choices #decisions #whotopick #maketherightdecision #important
Yeah, it's for charity. But we take our Fantasy Hockey Drafts pretty seriously.
#WhoToPick #ILoveMyLeafsButNotThisYear
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