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Super fun day! After the pumpkin patch with Tony’s sister we met up with @themrskray and her husband at @monnikbeer 🍻 They tapped 10 flavor variations of their milk stout today and we got a flight of allllll 10! 🖐🏻🤚🏻I loved the cinnamon and coffee flavors most! 😍 Had the curried chicken salad on greens for dinner. So good! It had a mango chutney and golden raisins 👌🏻. Not exactly sure on points but I’m not mad about it. 😉
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Dinner!! Check out today's whole story if ya want too. My baby played his heart out. He sang an original and then we sang an original. After we broadcasted live, we had two lovely ladies who came over to sing. The one we met last week and the second one jumped out of her parked truck to sing How Great Thou Art! Moving people with music of any genre can be such a blessing ☺
Tons of excellent micronutrients in this bowl. Comment down below if you want it! Via @superenlinea.
we are so excited that our boot campers will be returning ✨they look good AND feel good.
CLASSES are now open and available at ❤️ DONT WAIT UNTIL ITS TOO LATE.
Photo is from 4 years ago. One of my work trips to the beautiful country of Thailand.🎎
😍🐘Being hugged by a baby elephant brings out the smiles and giggles.❤
📷One of my fave pics as it captures a moment in time for me. After a few years in ministry proceeded by decades in corporate, that year I faced some major life changes.🙃
➡3 years ago I made a big decision that affected my life, family and job. It takes courage to make those kind of decisions, right? And the grit to walk in them.💪
❣And as I continue to lean on Jesus and get my farm-girl grit on, I'm thankful for the freedom I'm experiencing today.💖
The questions to ask yourself- do you find purpose in what you, does it fulfill you?
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Anyone else have a collection of glass bottles? I love having a few recycled juice bottles on hand for smoothies, because ... generally, a "for two" recipe is manageable for one ☺
This one was delicious yesterday! Kept me satisfied for hours, too. So many favourite ingredients - coconut milk, pumpkin, pineapple, turmeric, cinnamon, etc PLUS the Autumn Crunch tested flavour for Bite Bombs With Love that tastes like pumpkin pie without the pumpkin 🤔😍
If you could only pick ONE pumpkin spice treat to enjoy for the season, what would you indulge in?!
The cookies I made in my Insta story would be mine, WOW drool .... they're gone 🤷‍♀️
True Fact: Life-threatening allergic reactions may occur at your child's next backyard birthday party or team dinner.
1 in 12 children in the US are diagnosed w Food Allergies. That's 2 in every classroom, and likely 2+ at every birthday party.
Eat clean, avoid eating processed foods & learn more about how to respond to an anaphylactic emergency situation at the link in bio.
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Dem candy corn vibes. Ya feelin’ me? Except this candy corn smoothie is like 100% real and 100% easy. And sometimes I’m just lazy. Like today. 🎃🍭 🍌🍊🍋 CANDY CORN SMOOTHIE (no sugar added)
Orange Layer: 1 cup frozen cantaloupe (remove from freezer for about 5 min). Throw in a blender and process until smooth. Pour into jar.
Yellow Layer: 1 cup frozen mango. Follow same steps as above.
White Later: 1 frozen banana. Ditto—see above. *Tips: Allowing the frozen fruit time to rest/thaw is essential before blending. You can always add a splash of milk or water to help the blending go quicker—but keep in mind, the more liquid you add, the harder it will be to layer the smoothie. You don’t want a soupy mess. Also, this makes for a great, healthy party drink. #halloween #smoothies #natural #candycorn
When is a salad not just a salad? When it’s Dr. Greger’s Super Salad with Garlic Caesar Dressing and Hemp Hearts. It’s from the sneak peak of the How Not to Die Cookbook. I will be making this dressing a daily habit, it’s that good! And it covers the seeds, herbs and spices and greens requirement of the Daily Dozen. The book comes out in December and did you know that Robin Robertson (@veganwithoutborders) wrote the recipes? I love her style! #vegan #hownottodie #nutritionfacts #hownottodiecookbook #hemphearts #veganprotein #eathealthy #eatyourgreens #dailydozen #bigbowlofsalad #gardentotable #eatfresh #eatfreshfood #wholefoods #plantbased #plantbasedvegan #oilfree #oilfreevegan #supersalad #superfood #veganwithoutborders
Pilates snake for a Sunday afternoon🐍 Honestly, one of the most challenging exercises I've learned so far, but I love a good challenge✨
#Repost @zachsmithone (@get_repost)
Historically, coprolite (fossil and feces) studies reveal a natural diet in Africans. The scientific analysis of coprolities verifies that Africans ate whole foods, bee pollen, herbs, nuts, raw vegetables, and some cooked foods of a vast variety. Ancient fossilized African foods in no way resemble modern foods. Moreover, eating this modern diet is against life and against the African wisdom when applied to wholistic medicine, health and diets.
African empires, civilizations, music, art, philosophy, science, medicine and culture were built upon wholistic foods and medicine. Blacks who eat a modern diet are being oppressed and enslaved by whites through their stomachs. This dietary enslavement results in dis-eases, constipation and bodily destruction. Eating this modern junk food (chemical waste) results in the abandonment of black acculturated diet and a march away from African culture. Furthermore, any social cry of black liberation by a nation of constipated blacks is a joke. Blacks must revolutionize their diets, Africanized European wholistic health treatment and reclaim the stomach. There are no people who are free if they are controlled by another people's food - Dr Liaila O. Afrika
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@Regranned from @esabula_apparel
shoutout to @truefoodsinc for sending me their sauces to try! Was craving classic fries and ketchup so whipped up some baked fries and zuchinni chips and tried out their ketchup and it tastes like the real deal plus it’s healthier so i’m on board! Imo this is better than the fries you get at fast food chains 👌🏻 Yay for #sundayfunday 🙌🏻
6 mile fall run 🍂 followed by this amazing meal 😍 pan fried pork chops + roasted broccoli and mushrooms
So freaking excited!!! These babies just arrived. They will be added to my daily ritual... Our bodies can't make certain omega fatty acids that's why we look for ways to add it to our diet. Unfortunately many people turn to a synthetic option that isn't 100% absorbable into our gut. ✔️100% plant based blend of fatty acids made from algae and seeds.
✔️We have sourced the best form of algae instead of fish providing us a more sustainable and vegan friendly source of Omega 3's.
✔️Cold pressed oils - pomegranate seed oil, tomato seed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, safflower seed oil, algal oil & raspberry seed oil.
✔️ Cold pressed & encapsulated to maintain the highest quality of omega blend.

Our omega blend helps to bridge the gap between what we do eat and what we should eat + any purchase will receive access to our incredible Online Nutrition Program 🌻
Post Sunday school day nourishment: roast chicken, orange bell pepper, quinoa, red beet and cabbage sauerkraut and hemp ❤️'s 👊🏻#endtheweekonahighnote #holisticnutrition #nourishandglow #eatwell #bewell #sundaydinner #nutrients #wholefoods #csnn #fruitsandroots

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