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1.We could stop watching TV and reading magazines or unsubscribe from social media that makes us feel “less than”;
2. Take periodic breaks from all social media or consumption – time to unplug and just live in our messy, beautiful, real lives;
3. Speak to ourselves with kindness and forgive ourselves for not living up to our too high standards;
4. Remind ourselves that there is incredible beauty in imperfection.
5. We could stop comparing ourselves to some imaginary story about what a good mom looks like;
6. Love our husbands as they are and stop trying to mold them into someone they’re not;
7. Embrace our imperfect bodies, our graying hair, the beautiful crinkles at the corners of our eyes that speak of a full life, well-lived.
8. We could celebrate each child for who they are and stop worrying that they don’t fit the mold of the girl next door;
9. Choose to see the beauty, embedded deep in each scruffy soul we meet;
10. Spend more time appreciating what we do have than pining for what we don’t.
What do you think? Do one of these ideas stand out to you? (For full post see link in bio ♥️)
Introducing the stylish kitchen at our latest Exclusive location ‘Taylors’ 💕📸 For more info feel free to take a look on our website or give us a shout 📞
Current favorite, burgundy on dusty rose 😍
This is my goal! 🙌 I graduated PA school with $100,000 of student loan debt. 🙈 My husband & I have been on a debt free journey for the past 2 years & we’re getting so close! During this journey we’ve learned 7 big important things! Check out my blog post above to read more! 👆
RE-BRAND // cottage canoe restaurant in Barrie.
This summer we completed a full re-brand for cottage canoe in Barrie. They felt their existing brand was flat and ineffective. They wanted a modern, clean brand to re-market their amazing culinary experience, service and menu to help their business reach the next level. They have now added an express lunch and take out menu. I highly recommend every item on this menu!
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Iker Serrano
The paking age, 2008
oil on papel 150 x 200 cm - Que cuales son las claves que se ponen en funcionamiento ¿? (...) bueno,. yo no diría tanto, quizás si pensásemos en ellas en el previo a la obra harían que esta se enquistase, como la astilla de madera que se nos clava en la carne del dedo de la mano. Y si, por supuesto que pensé en ellas, no lo voy a negar ( has visto la sonrisita de la figura tres ¿?) pues a eso me refiero, a las pruebas me remito. No lo dudes, [email protected] caemos en los mismos errores de disposición. -Que que es Zizur Nagusia ¿? (…) es una localidad Navarra que está a 4 kilómetros de Pamplona (…) (…) En realidad pretende ser un sello de identidad, de coordenada, pero no tanto de espacio, territorio o lugar sino de tiempo. De recuerdo del pasado de la niñez. Me acuerdo de que un día, cuando eramos pequeños cogimos una víbora pensando que era una culebra de campo y la metimos en la mochila de Joseba. Fue junto a la casa blanca, ahora en esas tierras hay unifamiliares. Ya no hay campo de motocross, ni espacio para hacer cabañas, ni el peligro de los Zorropotos.

Cansado de la ikurriña, de las cadenas de Navarra, de los colores del athletic. Es solo una camiseta en donde pone Zizur Nagusia y los colores, los de su bandera. Soy de Zizur pero también soy de Basurto. - Responde esto a tu pregunta ¿? (...)

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The sharpest lens ever i had. Trust me nothing sharp than this beast lens.
Ps/ sbnrnye nak racun @fhir .
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