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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, whose son was killed in action, details how remains of soldiers are returned home. #whitehouse #johnkelly #general #military #army #niger #marines
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BREAKING: Addressing Rep. Wilson's comments, Chief of Staff Kelly says Pres. Trump tried to express that service members understand the risks of serving when they serve, and Kelly was "stunned" by Rep. Wilson listening into the widow's call, and publicly criticizing the call.
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Not all men are monsters, true. I'm glad that so women came out saying "me too" regarding sexual harassment.
In therapy, I've learned that we have to become aware and tolerant of people's painful stories, because it makes us feel less alone, and helps us cope. I was not surprised that so many women have been victims of toxic, abusive men. If it helps women cope and heal a little, then it is good and has purpose.
We, as a society, don't speak out for Mental Health Care, and we don't make it easily accessible to all who need it, men and women. We could all learn some things about depression, shame, guilt, anxiety, fears, and delusions from therapists and counselors.
The road to recovery and mental health is to understand the symptoms of these illnesses, and learning how to manage, cope, and heal in creative ways. We can learn to trust again, have loving, supportive, and respectful relationships. We can be happy again, and make others happy. Compassion and responsibility make us kinder, patient, and gentler people who respect other's human rights.
We must end the cycle of abuse, stop creating sociopaths, who use liquor as an excuse to do cruel things to people. I still have hope. Men have changed dramatically with intervention, but the stubborn, hurtful ones just need to be left alone.
We need to get to the point where we are tolerant, kind, and patient as a society, or we are doomed to keep injuring each other. It's time for peace-making, and letting-go. Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day! Peace, Love, and Kindest Wishes, Ruben and Mike.

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Forgive my indulgent post but... I’m so so so excited as I had my first ever delivery of M&L branded cards and stickers arrive tonight (and i loved using them on a couple of parcels I’m getting ready to send!). I started this pottery whirlwind two years ago next month and can’t quite believe that others like my pots as much as I do. I only set out to make the pieces I couldn’t find in the shops and I’d have fallen over if - two years later - you’d have said I’d be selling some. Anyway, indulgence over. Thanks for indulging me and my chunky white china! ▫️🌼▫️
(via Former President #GeorgeWBush condemned #bigotry and #whitesupremacy Thursday while endorsing policies that run counter to those supported by #PresidentDonaldTrump. "Our identity as a nation, unlike other nations, is not determined by geography or ethnicity, by soil or blood. ... This means that people from every race, religion, ethnicity can be full and equally #American," he said during remarks at the #GeorgeWBushInstitute in #NewYorkCity. "It means that bigotry and white supremacy, in any form, is blasphemy against the American creed." He added that "bigotry seems emboldened," though he didn't explain why. "We've seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty," #Bush said, adding, "Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions, forgetting the image of #God we should see in each other." Bush didn't mention #Trump during his remarks but did criticize the "governing class." In his recommendations to strengthen American democracy, he said #US institutions must "step up" and "we need to recall and recover our own identity." The speech marks a rare political appearance for Bush since leaving office. The former president has remained mostly out of the spotlight since he left the #WhiteHouse, reserving his political capital for his charitable works and a handful of his brother #JebBush's 2016 presidential campaign stops.

He brought up growing concerns over misinformation, saying politics seems "more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication." The #43rdpresident, who left the presidential section of his ballot blank instead of voting for Trump, also addressed #Russian influence on the #UnitedStates. "The Russian government has made a project of turning #Americans against each other," he said, adding that while Russian interference will not be successful, "foreign aggressions, including cyberattacks, disinformation and financial influence, should never be downplayed or tolerated." #TheSavageRoom #Savage

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