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What I thought about today is that when you make a mistake or mess up don’t be too hard on yourself. Being angry or frustrated doesn’t solve anything other than cause more stress. Today definitely wasn’t my finest hour but I just gotta brush it off, sleep it off, and fix it tomorrow.
Day 157: October 17 - cheerleading/dominatrix anyone?

These gals were so motivating for me tonight. My brain is fried. My body is sore. My eyes are heavy. But my spirit is enthusiastic! Y’all... this show is hilarious. I couldn’t even get through a 45 second dance sequence tonight without cackle laughing at all of these girls. I’m so excited! ☀️ #tkssunshinethru29 #DDDORLANDO @katierford @jashav89 @saraho327 @originalegrl
Like, What is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: Say, isn't that the banjo player's Porsche parked outside? #german #whip #porsche #white #bradford #top #topman #chilling #cold #banjo #suv #4x4 #cayan
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