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Come out this Friday and hang with us, Kodiak Arrest, Downtown City Radio and Indego at the Depot O Bar in Lubbock! This is gonna be a fun one and we might even be throwing in a surprise! 😉 #GraceTheOcean #Indego #DowntownCityRadio #KodiakArrest #DepotOBar #LubbockTX #July7 #SpiderManHomecomingDay #AlsoOurShow #WhichIsCoolToo #RockNRoll #PostHardcore #Hardcore #AlternativeRock #IndieRock #MelodicHardcore #PunkRock
Winter is my favourite season. Bleeding lips. Split knuckles. Eyes tearing up in the wind. BUT! You get to rug up in as many oversized, fluffy, fleecey layers as you can get your hands on. Winter is my favvvourite season. ❄⛄❤ #winter #aussiewinter #aussie #Australianwinter #Australian #ruggingup #nosnowthough #becauseAustralia #butthatsokay #wehavereddirt #whichiscooltoo
oldjoy 5M ago
Thinking about the possibility that I'll have two little girls ten years apart seems so wild, but also like yea, that could be really really great. #watchitbeaboy #whichiscooltoo 👩🏻👧🏻❤️
Le réveillon du nouvel an, c'est souvent des rencontres. J'ai croisé le chemin de Jean Francois, qui occupe le poste de requin dans la mer depuis 6 mois. Il est syndiqué, est pour le mariage pour tous et considère qu'il faut avant tout préserver les avantages sociaux de la sécurité sociale. Jean Francois vote Mélanchon. Et malgré nos divergences de point de vue, j'ai adore discuter avec lui. #humanafterall #unlessyouareashark #whichiscooltoo #happynewyear
Warning: text ahead. I often get comments from you guys complimenting my eyes, my skin, etc. I really appreciate it and love hearing positive feedback (of course!), but I just want to make sure you know that a lot of it is makeup and editing. I use the Facetune app to edit 95% of my Instagram photos. I try not to overuse it, but if I have a scab on my face, you can guarantee I'll be blurring it out. If you've seen my vlogs, you've seen my skin in its unedited glory. But even then there is editing, because I don't show it all. I didn't vlog this weekend because I spent the entire time hibernating with 5 band-aids on my face. I don't think that's a bad thing - I'm not about to start saying 'Instagram is all fake!' - I just want you to know, despite the fact I portray myself as confident and unashamed, there is always some kind of filtering involved. Today's photo is without makeup and without any editing whatsoever. The lighting, however, is fairly flattering and my skin is the best it's been in months. I also think my screen protector might be encroaching on my front facing camera and creating a little physical blur filter. My goal has always been to be as 'real' as possible when I'm 'Messy', and I'm continually finding ways to define and refine what that is. #nofilter #unlessyouwantone #whichiscooltoo
Wait.. That doesn't sound as catchy. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WAFFLE DAY! #internationalwaffleday #twentyone #itsalsomybirthday #whichiscooltoo #notascoolaswaffles #sopriviledgestosharethisday #birthday #cupcake