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New favorite way celebrate a phenomenal night’s sleep (mostly uninterrupted from 3:30am-6am and 6:30am-9am) - snuggling with the cutest tiny pink burrito I’ve ever seen. #wewokeuplikethis
On today’s episode of #thehensofourlives : New Hair Do. Now you may have heard that some people resemble their pets.... 😂And so I realized my #crazychickenlady Look was evolving this week... Eliza Doolittle and I both got a new hair-do this week 🙌 I got a hair cut and then she went for a typical teen Punk Rock chicken / balding eagle look. When asked about what happened to her sweet fluffy puff she just shot me “the look”. #imnotababyanymore 🙄.... but seriously #wewokeuplikethis #crazyhairday #itsaphase 😬
"Good friends are like stars..
You don't always see them, but you know they're always there".. 😚😘😍👍👍
imissyou two!! #wewokeuplikethis #nofilter