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User Image theserpentandthearpeggio Posted: Aug 4, 2017 8:03 PM (UTC)
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Seattle has been filled with smoke for a few days now and I can't help but feel like I'm back "home" in Wenatchee... where fires are normal this time of year. Let's hope this shit doesn't get as bad as it did when this photo was taken... 2012.
Photo taken by my buddy Aron Barone (who isn't on instagram)
User Image laulaulemon Posted: Aug 24, 2015 3:12 PM (UTC)
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User Image raereinhartz Posted: Aug 16, 2015 9:45 PM (UTC)
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This military mask works great, better go grab one before tyre D &L military surplus store runs out #Wenatchee #Wenatcheefires #Washingtonfires
Took a 2hr road trip to #wenatchee , #washington with this group of amazing #chivers & #chivettes from the greater Seattle area to donate roughly 115 cases of water and roughly 400 bottles of Gatorade to those affected by the large fire that is going on here. What are you doing to make a difference this holiday weekend :) @thechivenation @thechive @chivecharities #chiver #chivette #rak #wenatcheefires #dogsofig #water
User Image oly_chivers Posted: Jul 4, 2015 5:36 AM (UTC)
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Oly Chivers teamed up w/Seattle, Eastside & Northend Chivers to deliver supplies to firefighters in Wenatchee today, totalling $503, 115 cases of water, 50 cases of Gatorade, 200lbs of food, $400 in pet supplies, 300lbs in pet food, approx $200 in shampoo, toothpaste & soap, and 10 bags of clothes!!! Love our Chive Community! @thechive @thechivenation @chivecharities @chiveonseattle @inwchive @theberrywa #chivenation #kcco #olychivers #olychive chivers #chivettes #wenatchee #wenatcheefires #firefighters #firstresponders
User Image tonyadoughty Posted: Jun 29, 2015 6:21 PM (UTC)
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One of the two wenatchee fires on either side of us. Looking north on miller st.

#bluebirdfire #wenatchee #wenatcheefires #sleepyhollowfire
User Image jooo_bb Posted: Jun 29, 2015 8:57 AM (UTC)
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Wenatchee is literally on fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥 this pic was taken from my roof top #wenatcheefires #summer2015 #wenatcheevalley #pnw #fireseason
User Image pioneer_bears Posted: Jun 29, 2015 7:05 PM (UTC)
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User Image jomazing36 Posted: Jul 17, 2014 3:12 PM (UTC)
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Morning sun in Wenatchee coming through the smoke #wenatcheefires