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Do you think this is a weird coincidence? We flew from Oakland, CA to Baltimore, MD on Saturday. This man was on our plane. We deplaned, waited forever for our luggage, waited forever for our shuttle driver to take us to our car then started the two hour drive home. I was craving Five Guys, so when we got out of city traffic Brad stopped at this random strip mall somewhere in Maryland and while we were eating, the guy from the plane walks in! This is about two hours after we landed and about 15 miles away and past at least a couple of other Five Guys, and a hundred other restaurants. I thought it was amazing, 😲😲Brad could not have been less impressed. 😴#stoprollingyoureyesatme #weirdcoincidence current work in progress is an update on the Medusa myth. This little funko-esque figure that I got in a mystery nerd box this weekend is Boa Hancock. One of three Gorgon sisters who can turn those enthralled by her appearance to stone. So, you know, basically Medusa.
It's been just over 2 months now working in the Media & Entertainment space with RBC and this is happening at our hotel tonight🤔... @midwestemmys #weirdcoincidence
It's funny how accurate this picture is all these years later. 15 years ago we tortured these 5 kids with family pictures every few months or so. This session the photographer let the kids pic what they wanted to be in the shot. It's funny because they are all dead on. minded, quiet, mysterious and private. Cody...a firefighter for the US forest service. loving, flashy, glamorous girlie girl. Seth...SSrgt. US AIR FORCE, loves sports. Mikenzie...the perfect, pretty little princess
#fbf #cousins #friends #grown #weirdcoincidence #weird #whenigrowup #mysterious #firefighter #glamorous #airforce #princess #iloveyouguys
When the first person you meet at a networking event has almost the exact same name as you 😳
Okay, how is this for weird? This ad is from a newspaper in 1917. I WENT TO THIS CAMP IN 1987. Just one summer with my best friend Laura. And here I am finding a 100 year old reminder of it while doing research for my business. Super flipping weird world we live in some times. #adventureawaits #wyonegonic #denmarkmaine #vintageadvertising #weirdcoincidence #inspiration
@eylemisko came to visit me @granvilleisland_farmersmarket yesterday. Did you know that back in the days (about 20 years ago 🙄), now a successful realtor Eylem and I were in the same class for 4 years studying business in Istanbul ( aka #konstantinopolis ). Now we are in a different continent, I sell fermented sodas , she sells real estate in the same city #vancouver because #vancouverisawesome 😊. #granvilleisland #yvr #fermentation #templesoda #weirdcoincidence #realtor #businessschool #istanbuluniversity #vancouverbusiness
The speedometer as I'm leaving seminars... a good sign for the upcoming year? #weirdcoincidence
I thought I recognized that piggy bank🐷 in One Punch Man 😄
It's downright hilarious, when the look upon a herd of cows across the road strangely resembles a really old band poster you have up your wall; the random composition, the expression is all very uncanny!
#weirdcoincidence #weirdtrivia #cowsarecute #cowsarecool #nonessentials #butstillcute