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Você sabia que o NutriBullet conta com mais de 8 acessórios? 😃 Isso inclui as tampas FlipTop, que transformam os copos de NutriBullet em coqueteleiras práticas. Desenvolvida com material altamente resistente ela é super segura e conserva perfeitamente os alimentos frescos e todos os nutrientes.

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Too busy for breakfast this morning so brunch is a mugshot, beetroot and gerkins. Weigh day today (7.30pm) and rugby training 6-7.30 so gonna try and have something small before I go training. Aiming for at least 5lbs off next Wednesday and today is day 3 on plan.. day 3 out of 10.. I can do this. Would love 3lbs off tonight to get my 6 stone award again but I've had 3 bad days so doubt I'll get that.. a loss would be amazing though. #slimmingworld #weightloss #sw #healthy #just #transformation #eat well #eatwell #diet #weightlossjourney #transformation #easymeal #balance #workout #protein #sw #speedy #eat #easymeal #balance #foodporn #eatwell
I made 2 portions of this last night so having it again today for lunch 🤤🍽
Fancy sculpting that 🍑 with @chelseafitnessclub?
Private PT sessions are now available @kxulondon
For one-on-one attention get in-touch #KXU
So this is the point where:
1. The bench press is at its most challenging position.
2. I realised that I had been a tit and shouldn't have spontaneously put 3 plates on the bar.
3. I was extremely grateful that I hadn't been a cheap-ass, but instead had invested in a quality rack/safety bar combo.
You see, this stage of the lift is the "sticking point"
. 👆which is bro talk for the hardest part of an exercise and the position where the main muscles being used are having to work at their hardest.
With free weight exercises, the most challenging part of a lift is when the working muscles have to contract to move your limb/the weight in a directly upwards direction <-- because this direction opposes gravity.
On the flip side, when your muscles contract to move your limb in a direction perpendicular (at a right angle) to gravity, they're not working all that hard at all.
A simple way to test this is to stand up and curl a relatively heavy object. .
At the start of the exercise your lower arm is moving perpendicular to gravity so it's very easy.
As your lower arm starts moving closer to vertical the exercise gets progressively harder until it's at its hardest when your biceps are contracting to move your arm directly upwards. This is the sticking point and for the bicep curl is when your lower arm is at a 90 degree angle to your torso.
This is also why you feel preacher curls working your biceps more at the bottom of the exercise compared to regular curls as preacher curls exclude the initial part of a curl when you're biceps are moving the arm/weight perpendicular to gravity.
Shifting the focus back to the bench press, you should now be able to understand why the mid portion of the lift is the hardest and where most people end up failing; it's where your pecs are being forced to work at their hardest as they're contracting to move your upper arm in a direction that directly opposes gravity.
"But I already take a probiotic." Oh, friend. But you don't take THIS probiotic. And hands-down, it's the best. Want to know why?
👊 ProBio5 is not JUST "good bacteria". ProBio5 contains 5 strains of good bacteria, 4 digestive enzymes, vitamin B6, vitamin C and an antifungal, grape seed extract. ALL the good stuff.
👊 One enzyme in particular in ProBio5 (unlike other probiotics) is called chitosanase. When yeast multiplies in the gut it forms a tough and protective cell wall called chitin. This is what makes yeast overgrowth hard to get rid of. ProBio5 includes this specific enzyme which breaks through that cell wall and effectively attacks the yeast overgrowth so that the intestines can properly absorb the culture forming units.
👊 Many of the probiotics on the market (especially refrigerated) activate upon contact with heat and moisture, meaning the strains begin activating at the very start of the digestive process when they first enter your mouth...and many do not survive the stomach acid to even make it to your gut. So How is ProBio5 different?? Freeze dried strains and microencapsulation. These 2 processes ensure that ALL the live cultures and enzymes survive the journey to your gut so they can attach to the intestinal wall and begin thriving. 🙌🏼
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