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Y con esta alegría les hago esta invitación 💃🏻 #felizfindesemana #weekendvibes 💃🏻💓
The demon possessing my body is happy today 🤗🔪🔮
It's #flexfriday I had to 💪😂😁. Starting the weekend off right with some chest and tri's and cardio. 🤗🤗 Feeling good and pumped and making sure my ass fits into my bridesmaids dress next weekend 🙈🙈. Lol . FYI it still fits , I just look swole AF in it #probablynot 😂😂. But a girl can dream right. Also quadruple dropsets are the devil 😈 WTH was I thinking?! Guess I won't be washing my hair tonight 😁
4 exercises and I was done . Check it out---
1) barbell bench press 4 x 8 , last set quadruple dropset
2) tricep pushdown 4 x 8 , last set quadruple drop set
3) dumbbell flys 4 x 8 same as above (see the trend)
4) lying tricep press 4 x 8 , last set ... Quadruple dropset set that bish! Lol Happy Friday guys !!! ................ #weekendvibes #fitnessmodelsdotcom #fitness #iam1stphorm #dowork #bodybuilding #pictureoftheday

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