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When you have a mini #fangirl moment when you get to meet @stephanieraineymusic and there’s not enough #blackandwhite filters in the world to make you look good but you couldn’t waste the picture! #corkgirls #rebels #corkmusician #homegrown #weak #swoon #shesamazing #concertinwork #northside #corkcity #corksgottalent #stephsunite
I might start posting some OC again who knows 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Ya'll remeber when cartoon network was poppin?

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Believe me when I say I got this way from spending a couple hours at the gym, even though I can sweat this much just from eating spaghetti. Bench day for me. I haven't benched since October 2. On the 4th I didn't adequately warm up my shoulders before doing a bunch of squats and ended up going to the hospital the next day, where they gave me aleve and told me to go to Rothman. Eventually I will go. I got a cortisone shot there for tendinitis in 2010 and since then it's only been a little stiff once in awhile.
Anyway, today I warmed up like usual, and kept my red monster band with me to use between sets, and got pretty aggressive with the weights. Asked some rando in the gym to spot me when I went over 200 (first time since 2014). Then I tried to do 1 rep of 225 and it went down good, and started going back up good. But you ever drove through a puddle in an older car, and step on the gas as hard as you can, and it just sorta shits the bed and loses power? You can see what I'm getting at. I'll try again next week. The most I've ever benched was 285 anyway so I should be a little patient.
#benchpress #sweaty #fat #weak #powerlifting

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