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Teammate Tuesday!!! Already missing my crew. We don’t get together often but when we do, it’s definitely memorable, fun, and a lot of fitness💪🏻💪🏻. Not sure what I would do without you guys and gals helping me along this fit journey❤️❤️ there are so many others I didn’t get a pic of but I appreciate all of you.
#fitness #model #muscle #sport #glamour #wbff #teammatetuesday #inspiration #fitfam #wbffprofamily
Todos los nuevos objetivos y retos comienzan un día con un pensamiento o una idea... esa idea ronda un tiempo tu cabeza pasando por varios baches hasta que te decides a intentarlo... una vez que te decides a intentarlo comienzas a creerlo... una vez que lo crees comienzas a soñarlo... y una vez que lo sueñas lo haces realidad... Para qué son los sueños si no es para cumplirlos??? Work hard, Dream big and Make it happen!💪🤘👊 @paul_dillett @allisondillett @wbff_official
#bestofthebest #wbffworlds2017 #procard #wbffprofamily
They will hate you if you are pretty, they will hate you if you are not. They will hate you for what you lack & they will hate you for what you got! 🤷🏻‍♂️so live your fucking life as you want to live it! My life My rules...🤘👊 Simply shine!✨ @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett Photo by @toby.harrison
#wbffworlds2017 #bestofthebest #wbffprofamily #wbff #wbffpro
When you believe in yourself, dream big, stay focused and work hard... nothing and nobody cant stop you, and theses things happen... your dreams come true! we did it! 💪🥇👏#wbffworlds2017 #bestofthebest #procard #wbffprofamily @allisondillett @paul_dillett @wbff_official @danny_wbff_ifbb
That inexplicable moment when you show all your work, all your illusion, all your effort, all your passion ... and it is at that precise moment when you understand that everything was worth... Really amazing feelings!!! it was my first time on stage, it was my first fitness competition, and getting the first place and the pro card, for me it was a dream ... many things to improve for the next World, i know that... but I promise that I will go back more stronger than ever ! always grateful! 🙏 photo by @toby.harrison @allisondillett @paul_dillett @wbff_official #bestofthebest #wbffworlds2017 #wbffprofamily
"BE ALL IN IT, is my advice across the board. Yes, we all have a day, sometimes a week or a chapter in our journey where we are unsure of what we are doing and if we are on the right path. We may waver back and forth in uncertainty because we are afraid. I have learned that the attitude you choose to face matters in life is turned into energy that inevitably will multiply! Keep the faith, stay positive, practice patience, remain enthusiastic and be all in it in love!" - Yours Truly #fitfam #wbffpo #lovefaithstrength #profile #offseason #photoshoot #may2017
Photographer: @robertdechiara
HMU: @marycarmella, @kla_bri, @the_beautystudio
#humpday #Truth #Positivity #100percent #allin #fitnessmeetsfashion #wbffprofamily #nevergiveup #grind #fit #instafitness #instafit #profitmodel
I honestly can't describe the way I feel right now , nothing has sunk in yet , but I just won my first wbff show and received a wbff pro card !! A massive thank you to @wbff_aust for such an amazing show I highly recommend competing in no other federation than the wbff ! Met so many amazing athletes that brought the best vibe to a competition I've ever been apart of!! Thanks to everyone for the support and the amazing messages ! I promise to get back to you all ! But right now I'm stuck in the moment and need a burger ❤️💪🏽🍔! Stage photos will be up soon 😬!! @wbff_aust @wbff_official @paul_dillett @pauline_wbffaustralia @ari_empire #wbffsydney17 #wbffpro #wbff #fitness #fitnessmodel #wbffprofamily. Massive thanks to the man that did everything a coach could ever do for an athlete, a the start of the year I signed with as an athlete and was the best decision I've made ! To anyone that wants anything from comp prep to nutrition , training or just general healthy lifestyle living ! Get in contact with @baldymotiv8ed ! Also available online if need !! But thanks for everything mate ! Bigger thank you post coming soon ❤️💪🏽💯 #teamapex. Special thanks to @routleys for fixing me up with this unreal get up for the comp 🙏🏽!!
This weekend still feels like a dream! There are literally no words to describe how excited & honored I am to have both won first place in my division AND become the newest WBFF pro! Still on cloud 9 from an amazing weekend ❤️🔥✨ @wbff_official @bodyambitionfitness #wbffboston #bodyambitionathlete #bodyambitionfitness #ladivadesign #motivationmonday #wbffprofamily #wbffpro

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