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B&W photo challenge. My earlier 3 were #waylatergrams so here’s to the next 4 being more present.
Anytime someone asked what my favorite band in high school was, I'd often say "all of them". It was true, too. I loved so many different artists, and all to the very core of me. But when I was a senior in high school, my answer changed, and it's still the same answer today. I'll never be that fan that can tell you all their life stories or birthdays or random, cutesy band facts. Or even that friend that makes you listen. But I can tell you that whenever I see them live, I feel like my soul was born to live with this music. Like my smile is wide in a way I can't replicate without it. And that's just about good enough for me. #arcadefire #waylatergrams

06/10/2017 night 4 @weeninfo #ween #thompsonspoint #shefucksME #alwaystaketheblowjobandturnright #boognisheverydamnday #surfandturftour2017

IG still wont let me post multiples, really jockin my social media hustle. but anyway, i gotta get all this off my phone so be ready for an influx of #waylatergrams #findingchad❤
Continuing my #waylatergrams with a recent trip taken with @sam_cucufato to Feria, an annual Spanish festival that travels through Andalucia. Men and women don traditional Feria clothes, dance Sevillanas and drink Rebujito 🎉🎪🎡󾓫
My original caption for this photo was: "Eat the pizza, f**k the thigh gap." But that's not very me. Or maybe it's too me? IDK. Even though I post a lot on Instagram, I've probably only posted about 1% of the photos I've taken throughout our travels. And since I can't (I don't want to!) get my blog shit together (I'm not into it!), I'll probably just post #waylatergrams all the damn time. Also, high waisted bathing suit bottoms ARE THE SHIT!!!