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User Image real_estate_katee Posted: Feb 17, 2018 9:27 PM (UTC)
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It's finally S♡LD
H@mptons News: Nine West co-owner and Shoe 👠Legend Vince Camuto sold his Hamptons Estate aka the Villa Maria for a whopping $49M (according to the post) Any guesses on who out new neighbors will be?
User Image planopics Posted: Feb 16, 2018 2:37 PM (UTC)
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Look at the height difference above. The valley to the right was formed by erosion over a period of hundreds of years. The brook forming the valley was canalised later, carrying the water for over a kilometer without losing too much height, to the water mill next to the castle. Estates like these were often quite innovative in their time. #staverden #landscapelovers #waterscape #watermill #brook #canal #brookvalley
There is a snowstorm coming tonight - are you ready for it? Please take it seriously, even though this day looked nothing like your usual pre snowstorm Saturday! If you don’t have to be out tonight - don’t! And if we are taking care of your home - you can sleep without any worries - we got this!
#yourhomeissafewithus #protectingyourinvestment #whyyouneedapropertymanager #winterstorm #snowstorm #staysafe
User Image anastasiavanderraff Posted: Feb 17, 2018 8:06 PM (UTC)

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Собственно, одно из главных достопримечательностей Маастрихта - старая престарая мукомольная мельница , действующая, при пекарне ( там свежие булки , #непп 😂). Мы ее еле нашли тк к ней нет очередей безумных туристов - типа мельница и мельница, ну и что что таких работающих и таких старых и не найти нигде, подумаешь:) .. и вот две иллюстрации применения разных настроек для фотографирования с одной и той же точки - и, впрочем, вот почему я редко ношу с собой штатив по прогулкам когда в отпуске ( а не целенаправленная сьемка конечно). Если нужны длинные выдержки (как в данном случае) - просто применяю сподручные средства - на что б такое водрузить камеру ( только нужно ее конечно при этом не уронить и не потерять и не ударить:) Неидеально, но зато отпадает необходимость "еще что то нести". .
The oldest working #watermill in #maastricht . The fresh bread is sold nearby. Was rather difficult to find ! And the example of using #longexposure when the situation requires. .
#nikon #nikonphoto #пейзаж #городскойпейзаж #голландия #нидерланды #holland #autotrip #путешествиепоевропе #путешествиенамашине #nikkorzoomlens #никон #никкор #ездимссемьей #familytravel #summerfun #summertrip #loveeurope #cityscape
User Image tworiverspaper Posted: Feb 17, 2018 6:07 PM (UTC)
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Fear not our Two Rivers 16” square paper is still available to buy....this was a really popular January special offer. We have decided to keep making it as we have had so many requests! Two Rivers has a unique random surface texture unlike the mechanically even weave of most other branded papers. This also means that there is not a right or wrong side as both sides are identical.
It is incredibly hard sized, allowing the painter the luxury of pushing paint around for much longer than with more absorbent artists papers. Because the paint is not drawn into the paper the pigment dries to a sharp and brilliant finish. The inclusion of linen in its make-up results in an unusually tough surface which will resist much lifting out, scrubbing and re-working.

As well as watercolour, our papers are used for other media including pastels, oils, printmaking, photographic processes and many types of mixed media.

#tworiverspaper # watercolour #fineart #pleinair #handmade #artistspaper #paper #somerset #painting #mixedmedia #weddingpaper #NOT #printmaking #hertiage #craft #watermill #cotton #flax #sketchbooks #paintbrushes #artists
User Image pinnaclefarmny Posted: Feb 17, 2018 4:27 PM (UTC)
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Evie and Iggy, starting to put it all together. 🐴✨
OPEN HOUSES this weekend:
475 and 485 David Whites Lane, Southampton | 11AM - 2PM on Saturday, Sunday and Monday | @teamraphaelavigdor of @douglaselliman.
Remember to check out the latest link of HRES to find your perfect summer home at the link in our bio.
Today is Random Acts Of Kindness day. Embrace it and give as many as you can! Sometimes it’s just a smile or a compliment - give it a try!
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
#randomactsofkindnessday #smile #bekind #karma #whatgoesaroundcomesaround
User Image debralynn64 Posted: Feb 17, 2018 3:39 PM (UTC)

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Creative Touch Landscaping
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