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I am so excited to share the Watercolor work that the students have completed. During this unit we discussed Graphic Design and Commercial Artist and how they work with business to advertise products. The students picked their favorite bible verse and created a piece of art to go with it and had to depict two different fonts on the final piece. #watercolor #artsmart #smART #biblicalintegration
Today's Inktober shall be made tomorrow because my main goal was to get the calendar illustrations finished WHICH I JUST DID!! Here's a glimpse of October, will post the remaining glimpses later~ Now a good night to me. 😪
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I cannot erase it, the cut is deep
But I can let it go
I cannot undo it, but dare a leap
'Cause love is all around me

I chased the pain, no glory
Prepared to crucify myself
A pale and painful story
In moments of despair

A shattered voice that whispers
A wandering soul that fades away
Sometimes it seems I've vanished
But I am here to stay

Quivering and chill, my being
Willing to suffer in my grief
I was carving my skin to deep
Forever to be seen

Each cut was a little deeper
But I found no bliss in what I did
A fragile soul is easy broken
And demise easily sealed

Did I find my way out of the dark

All is written in blood, I'm buried alive
Down on my knees, I'm begging you please
Take me away, wherever you go
Something has counterfeit my soul
Don't leave me alone, out in the cold
I'm all for by myself, in a cage of gloom
I failed to succeed, to live my life
Please come and purify me, purify me

Is there a land over the rainbow
And in the end a paradise
Is there a moral to the story
Or is it just another lie
Beyond the Black - Written in Blood
I had some difficulty deciding which colour to use with the drawing - dark red or black? In the end I decided on dark red because the title of the song of which this drawing is based on is called “Written in Blood”. But then in the very last moment I was distracted by some distressing thoughts (Fuck my landlord for this, haha. Those of you who have been following my story would know how she is destroying my sanity.) that I half heartedly began to put black on the drawing. Too late when I realised what I was doing… But it looks okay in its own sense, though less bloody than I wished it to be.
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