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Throwback to @warpeduk when Attila smashed it (as usual), forget I have all these video's and photo's from concerts & Festivals😝✌🏼️ #attila #warpeduk #music #aboutthatlife #concert #festival
Heading to London last minuet to work with the Death Remains boys who are kicking off their tour today at the Black Heart, Camden!
@telletwa from @thewordalive at @warpeduk a few years back. First band of the day for me and I was a tad rusty, but I always end up coming back to this set of images to re-edit them and try our new looks etc!
#tellesmith #twa #thewordalive #gig #music #metal #warped #warpeduk #allypally #london #musicphotography #gigphotography #teamcanon #canon
From the day I joined STS there wasn't a single time that I didn't have my full attention in progressing to the best musician I could be with the band. From the early days I remember the long journeys I would take to the band house to demo and play guitar and I would get so excited about reaching for big things, and sure enough we did. I'm so proud to say at the age of 16 to 18 I had been on tours around the UK, I had played main stage at takedown festival along side sharing many stages and venues with some incredible bands including bands I consider my heroes. I managed to tweet and post about STS so much that we ended up winning Ernie ball battle of the bands 2013 and playing Warped Tour 2013 which was by far the most insane thing I had ever done at the time, especially for how young I was. Undoubtedly there are many stories I have to share and many only I personally can understand the beauty of however. STS and the music industry has become something that started to tear me apart after time and I would build myself up countless times to then be broken down again. Many situations I've felt like throwing in the towel however I never did because I really did believe in us but I cannot deny that continuing from here on would not be enjoyable or have my full focus anymore which honestly breaks my heart to say. I will miss the long hours in the practice rooms preparing for tours, I will miss writing new music and developing the bands sound, I will miss being in a van with my friends laughing my head off everyday about dumb shit and I will miss the coffee stops on tour and sleeping in hotel rooms and on people's floors. But most of all I'll miss playing live too some of the most dedicated fans ever who have made my darkest days worth pulling through for. So for now I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me and STS throughout the years and we truly are so great full for everything. I'll currently be taking a break from playing guitar and fully focusing on my untrained area of playing drums. However if you are in need of an experienced musician for your band then do hit me up. I've always have been and always will be passionate about music.

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