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"Maybe we're scared to be alone, we're not prepared to throw the stones and watch them drift out of our control." - "Forget Your Heart" - Silverstein.
Show me some prior that your black heart even beats. Show me your dreams, show me your fears and let me hear your screams. Pull your head from the clouds, come back down to your feet. - "Note to Self" - The Amity Affliction
Well I can't get too close without wanting all of you
So I'll settle right into this back seat
But to be honest, I'm not sure if I can take the solitude
- "L'exquisite Douleur" - Being As An Ocean
In honor of #AmericanSatan finally getting released today. Here’s one of @andyblack captured this past summer. Talented singer. Interested to see how well he is at acting. Anyone else going to see the film this weekend??// #andyblack #andybeirsack #warpedlooksback #altpress #sumerianrecords #musicphotography #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour
If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was 12/14 i would have told you I was going to tour and I was going to be a photographer... I didn’t know that was even a thing you could do. I just knew music meant everything to me and I had just started developing in the dark room in my junior high. Life has thrown a lot of things at me - literally everything from tumors to being homeless - but I still got there. This is for the preteen me. This is for current me to remind myself that I can accomplish anything. This is a reminder for you that you’re capable as well. || I used to shoot all their shows crushed against the barricade with disposables. Enjoy that early work 👌 TY @goodcharlotteband

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