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Seeing life through different eyes :) SHOUTOUT to @narutodude10
CONTEST WINNER. My love for you is like diarrhea...i can't hold it in ;) @enkisschick is first place! So go follow her!:) she has kinky pick up lines;) second place is @narutodude10. Woo for the classic pick up line of are your legs tired...because you have been running through my mind all day;) #beach #contestwinners #contest #summer #jump #jumping #liveyourlife #yolo
If only we could just fly away... I spent a good half hour playing with this butterfly and waiting for it to open its wings. At last I got ONE nice shot:)
Daisies are such a summery flower :) its cominggggg
Beach with the woodz kidz:)
I don't listen to lil Wayne much but this quote did seem quite appropriate. I'm officially senior. Here's to summer 2012!