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Got to see my princess today 😍😍 she is so freakin cute and tiny 😩😩😩 #mamas #niece #shegotdressedupforme #wakeeeuppp
Says: THE GRASS IS GREENER‼️ #🌱 Good morning, I see why people leave #NewYork sheeesh!! Only thing missing is the #PaperGirl!! I'm about to take a stroll through Mr. Rogers neighborhood. Thank you Lord for waking me up this day!! May it continue to shine bright throughout the day!! #WakeeeUppp #ZINAMCQUEEN #GODBLESS #FREELUCK #FeelingLikeWillSmithInBelAir
I get accused of being an "Uncle Tom" because I believe in smart execution vs. irrational execution. It's chess, not checkers. Y'all love to look up to Jay-Z, but won't look at his transformation he made from who he used to be into the man and force he is today. Not just him, but @50cent & Dr. Dre and a lot of others who defied the odds and came out on top. The same people who condemned them are now teaming with them, not because they're scared of them, but because they see the value in these men that have literally went from the projects and slums to the penthouse and boardroom. They don't fear those temper tantrums like they do someone who can influence the masses and make change. If people would understand the power in educating ourselves, supporting each other, building our own luxury brands and learning how to invest and grow our dollars, we'd be powerful beyond measure! It comes a time where you have to learn the importance of being completely committed to something! There's people who say the violence and genocide of blacks have to stop and protest about it, but get into their cars and pop in a cd promoting the EXACT SAME THING they were just protesting about. Educated yourselves on how your actions and habits can change stock and oil prices, learn how to invest in the very things that you support, so you can get paid/receive dividends for the things that you support everyday. I see LV, Jordan/Nike, Hennessy, Moët, iPhone, Airline post, Twitter and Facebook everyday on IG, but how many of you are actually INVESTING into what you promote? #Education is a powerful weapon! Learn how to use it wisely! If you're not part of the solution, you're a part of the problem! #BeTheChange ✊🏾💯💯💯💯 #BecauseIFeltLikeSpeaking #MrLuxeSpeaksTopics #LuxeTalk #WakeeeUppp
oouuks 3y ago
#rp @spookwrites An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. It is time for our generation to use our voice and incite change. "We the people" have been quiet for too long. #bealeader if you start to really analyze the situation it is a class issue as well. As @sheltonjlee would say #WAKEEEUPPP!!!!!