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Say whaat?!?! ✨Our 40% OFF Restock Sale is going on NOW! ✨ But hurry! It ends on Monday and stock is limited! No coupon code required. (See link in bio.)
Save 40% on all merino wool, excludes Bulk/Wholesale orders. We are making room for our restock that's coming, so expect to see new colors and new fibers soon, too! .
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We both needed a drink after The Pumpkin Patch🎃🍺 #toddlersareawesome
You can open your own children's clothing boutique TODAY!! There is NO WAITLIST right now to sell THE thing in children's fashion, DotDotSmile.Bonus? It's RETAIL SEASON! Legit THE best time to launch your own boutique biz is NOW! 🙌🙌🙌 This opportunity is real, doable, and affordable! ❤️ Let's get you started today! Shoot me a message or comment below 😘
I've been a bit MIA on my health and fitness life. Mostly because every other weekend I have class where a new draft of my chapter 1 of my dissertation is due. Luckily, I bring Elle to my mom's and I write my heart out unless the little monster is hungry or needs to sleep. My brain is too busy and tired for social media. Buuuut I've been pretty on track except that I let myself indulge a bit during class, because in grad school where there is free pizza and Mexican food, you eat it and all the yummies. #DissertationLife #FutureDrBurciaga
We hold the keys to our success!! 🔑 There's sooo much potential out there... and it’s right in frimt of your nose!!! So many individuals are becoming more and more independently successful through business ownership. People wanting to change the course for their families. It's not who you are that's holding you back. It's who you think you are NOT!! Did you know that 82% of women making over $100,000 per year are doing so through network marketing?!? 🤔 That's crazy but amazing too!!! Impressive don't you agree?!?! It's the new business norm.... It's a business in a box.... It's a 1099 world now a days!!! I strongly suggest taking advantage of it. I am looking for women who want to be a part of that growing 82% like myself. Let's talk logistics, shall we... ✨ No store front
✨ No employees
✨ No paperwork
✨ No inventory
✨ No debt to open or operate

And you can join the F A S T E S T growing health and wellness company in the world, over 1000% growth in the last 3⃣ years! 🙌🏼 $99 to start your legacy is insanely affordable... Don't ya think?! There’s NO risk when you're getting over $100 worth of products in your starter kit that you paid $99 for!
The opportunity is there but are you going to chase it⁉️ Message me and we can figure out if this could be right for you!!! #wahm #entrepreneur #mompreneur #toddlermom #bossmama #blessed #becauseofitworks
When you're a sahm, you're birthday is just like any other day. So I figured today I would try and do as much fun stuff as I could with my bub. We went to the park, moms favorite grocery store & then made these adorable gummies with @vitalproteins beef gelatin, I also added a scoop of there collagen beauty greens which has probiotics as well! Looking forward to dinner with my little family once Gray gets off work. I'm feeling 22, but mostly I'm feeling like a momma and I'm 150% ok with that.
I love getting older. I love being able to fine-tune my life and I’m grateful for the daily chance to get it right. My mistakes, the tough times, the tears, the broken hearts ~ it all hurt, but it’s helped shape me into who I am becoming today, and it’s taken me a long time to say this, but I love that person very much. 💕
For all of my Food Allergy Mamas this is a letter to one of my fellow mommies about Kellogg's food allergy practices. Prayers for all that suffer especially our babis💙

We understand and share the concerns of consumers who are affected by food allergies. We continually partner with allergy organizations and research groups to remain knowledgeable and empathetic to the seriousness and complexities of food allergies. Our comprehensive allergen control program allows us to share the most accurate and precise allergen composition of our products on every product package.

All of our product packages label the top eight allergens (i.e. peanut, tree nut, cow's milk, egg, soybean, wheat, fish and shellfish). These are identified using CONTAINS and/or MAY CONTAIN labeling statements immediately below the ingredient list. Allergens listed in the “CONTAINS” statement refers to the allergen(s) in the product’s recipe and ingredient list, while the “MAY CONTAIN’ statement refers to any allergen(s) not in the product’s recipe but may be present despite all efforts to exclude the allergen. Persons sensitive to any of the identified allergens in the “CONTAINS” or “MAY CONTAINS” statement should avoid that food.

In addition, products may be manufactured in different facilities from time to time, and because of this we do not provide information regarding specific allergens in our facilities or shared line/equipment information. We are confident in our allergen procedures and are committed to providing our consumers with foods that clearly state all information regarding top 8 allergens on our label.

Kellogg Consumer Affairs #foodallergies #foodallergymom #foodallergiessuck #kellogs #abwarriorfit #momof6 #VegasStrong
"It is a love of liberty which inspires my soul." ❤️ I used to have lots of bosses. But my favorite boss has been me! And the biggest job perks are having the freedom to make my own hours. I work really hard when I'm working my business but I'm always there when my kids and husband need me. ❤️ LuLaRoe; Where through fashion we create freedom, serve others and strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed and dreams achieved through love, confidence, purpose and growth. #lularoejenabagley #lularoecarly #lularoeclassictee #liberty @lularoe
Chopsticks - yay or nay?! Brad always uses them but I'm too impatient 🙈. PS this Mongolian beef and broccoli was insane and the best homemade sauce I've probably ever made! #dontmakemewaitforfood #hangryhangryhippo
✨h a p p y✨s w e e t e s t✨d a y✨ my Love @thesoulexpands ❤️ (Thanks Mama for offering to take the pic)! Seems like the only shots we have ourselves these days are selfies. 😩 But forreal, ioneem celebrate or think about Sweetest Day much, but I’ll take this opportunity to shout-out how supportive, doting & wonderful he is. 😘

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