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Pagi peeps!!
Selama ini aku pikir aku ga bakalan bisa kurus.. Apalagi 'lower body' ini lohh.. lemaknya membandel..
Aku tidak berani menggunakan baju yang 'press body'.
Tapi aku sekarang ga perlu khawatir karena @hypoxisurabaya membantuku untuk mewujudkan impianku.
Perut bawahku jadi lebih tipis dan aku berani menggunakan jeans 😘
So, tunggu apa lagi??
📷: @dhiemazsaputra
Who am I to tell you how to eat, live a healthy lifestyle or start your own business? I'm not a licensed dietician, doctor or millionaire in my company (yet 🤑). I'm a busy work from home mom, my hips had two babies push through them and they will never allow for me to be a size two again, I carry credit card debt, and my favorite ingredient to cook with is WINE 🍷 (#thebalancedlife). I enjoy writing and baking and pretending to know how to take photos 📝👩🏼‍🍳📷, I brush my teeth in the shower 🚿, and I really love the smell of gasoline 🤷🏼‍♀️⛽️. I'm just your normal average everyday woman (well, sort of 🙃), who found a way to monetize her health journey by helping others begin their own. Wanna learn more about this company, nutrition, or income opportunity with NO strings attached? Hop on to in FIFTEEN minutes (8pm EST) - and then circle back to me if you want to chat further 💞

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