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DFW to Athens, GREECE $530-566 round trip. .
Flights are on United/a partner (Lufthansa, SWISS, or other) and have one - two stops each way depending on dates. Some dates may require a separate ticket on a different airline for the return flight (but you’ll get it at the same price!)
Dates available (similar rates): Very select dates in the fall. Sept. - early Dec. All are 7 day trips that leave and arrive on a Friday. But, with tickets to Athens usually being near of over $1,000 if you can make these dates work it’s a steal of a deal for a dream trip! Highs will still be in the 70’s and you’ll hit a lower tourist time so everything will probably be cheaper. Can’t be that! .
Sample dates:
Sept. 21-28 ($566)
Oct. 12 - 19 ($566)
Oct. 19 - 26 ($566)
Oct. 26 - Nov. 2 ($540!)
Nov. 2 - 9 ($546!)
Nov. 9 -16 ($530!)
Nov. 16-23 ($546) - Thanksgiving in Greece, anyone?!?
Nov. 23- 30 ($530!) Nov. 30 - Dec. 7 ($530!)
Dec. 7 - 14 ($535!)
To find: For this fare, search dates through Google Flights then follow their directions for booking. If you have to buy separate tickets or if it’s easier to book straight through the airline, Google lists it. .
Please note: rates can change often. This rate was available at the time of the post, but may have changed.
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User Image 1.roberta Posted: May 25, 2017 10:11 PM (UTC)
9 Mayfair
User Image 1.roberta Posted: Sep 1, 2017 7:59 PM (UTC)
11 Clarendon
Mediterranean mornings vs London mornings? #bluesea #nature
User Image i.f.sarkisian Posted: Feb 21, 2018 10:51 PM (UTC)
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Before I knew what dress I wanted, before I knew what flowers I like, before I thought of who we'll be inviting, I knew one thing for sure: Katya was the one I wanted to capture every special moment of our special day.

I first saw her work back in October 2016, looking for something completely unrelated to the wedding. We were planning a trip to South America in April and I was checking out the
Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia on Youtube, when I came across a photoshoot she'd done there. I knew immediately I didn't want to see anyone else.
However for technical reasons (mainly distance) we thought we'd give it a go and try finding someone local.
Seven months later, after having spent countless hours of looking at thousand pictures, always comparing subconsciously to what I'd seen back in October, it was time to contact her to check the availability.
When Katya replied to my message I was one happy bride to be and finally relieved that I could have someone I could trust.
I knew she was the right one instantly. She has a lovely way about her, a nice approach, I loved how she asked us a lot of questions in order to get to know us and adapt the style accordingly and she really listened and respected all my requests. Her talent is incomparable and she's got some cool equipment too, a deadly combo for great shots :) There are too many great shots to pick but I chose to share this one first as it truly reflects how I feel about our life with Achilles: A fairytale full of magical moments.

A massive thank you to Katya for being the best photographer we could possibly have and special thanks to Vlad for his support.

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