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So want to climb along this branch over the lake. Rydal Water, #LakeDistrict
Booked my next trip. Here's a hint. I can tell you're all shocked. 🏰🇬🇧🛫
I'm scrolling through pictures looking for something specific and this photo catches my eye. This was the last photo I took in #wolverhampton. To anyone else, it might just look like cement and a brick wall with a few weeds in it, but to was my happy place. You see those weeds? Those are ferns growing in the side of a brick wall built in 1875 that weren't planted there; it just rans so much in England that they appeared. Do you see that greenish post between the wall? That was the original water pump so the inhabitants could get fresh running water, in 1875 having a water pump in your back garden was probably the height of modernisation. The house behind the wall is where my neighbor Pat lived. She would leave the door open so the boys could come over and play and had ice lollies at the ready because she knew we had no family in England and we could probably use a little break from time to time...and well, I could honestly tell that she loved them. We spent hours in that back garden, her and I. Drinking wine, talking of Ireland, family, America, and what life would have been like if we had done things differently. That back garden is where the boys and I painted canvas art for the house, had BBQs, enjoyed French wine with friends, and got our hands dirty discovering all the different plants an English garden had to offer. This is where memories were made...we visited a TON of fantastic places whilst in the British Isles and Europe, but that back garden was truest my favourite. #england #tettenhall #uk #british #britain #expat #expatlife #outdoors #backgarden #backyard #history #historyiscool #blogger #travel #travelengland #visitengland #memories #loss #missingyou #expatproblems #livingabroad #spring #explore #emotional #realtalk #westmidlands
I'm home after 6 nights, 3 filming days, & hours of editing 🎥 Got to spend some lovely time with family and hug some friends 💕So many good conversations & wonderful people -- it almost felt like a dream as I landed in London this morning.
So grateful for this opportunity & visit, thankful everyday that I get to do what I love and see a bit of the world in between 🎥🍁

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